My dark night of the soul was from 0-24. Anxiety, trauma, deep loneliness, insecurity, aloneness, fear, deep prolonged sadness and big loss also. then at 20-21 i lost my magnificent powerful fitness and health and entered a new lesson and trauma, one of the biggest losses i ever had, my identity, connection with "god" at that time, and experiencing disability and being crippled. I experienced a great inner transformation starting at 24 which changed me thoroughly within a month, and since then I've been building, HEALING, learning, growing and sharing the clarity and lessons that I've been learning.

My health loss forced me to slow down and stop which I couldn't do before, a lesson from my Spirit/Soul, and was GREAT chance to go within and develop into a deeper human Being, the one that I really wanted to be and become in this lifetime <3 It lasted 13 years before i could exercise regularly again and only then in moderation , to the point of only and simply leading an ordinary life with daily chores that i could not do for so long. it took 9 years before i could go up a nearby big hill/tiny tiny tiny "mountain". lol. I was born at my moms age of 31, and 1,3, especially 13, but also 33 are the huge sychronisitic numbers in my life. My huge health improvement happened at the age of 33 also you might be fascinated to hear :P :D haha <3

At my worst, I trembled holding a cup of water, had body muscle and eye spasms, was sleeping 13 hours in a night from being super sick and unwell and exhausted/burnt out, couldn't do my shopping properly or carry light things, stand or walk for long, felt like shit always, had little to no emotional support or understanding, slept in the afternoons even after long night time sleeps, was so sad, lost and "out" that I really was completely fed up and had no wish to live anymore, but I somehow ( I dont know how to be honest) had a flicker of hope that I could get better and regain some kind of a life, and also didn't want to kill myself (altho the idea of not experiencing what I was was a nice one and it felt good going to sleep at night hoping that might be the end) because I wouldn't want to do that to my mom whom I'm extremely close to. I had headache/eye ache for 3-5 months on end each day, couldn't really watch or do anything, so resorted to listening to the radio only as my "life" and living the home a lot, with minimum outdoor life, after being extremely outdoor active my entire life beforehand. Having wrecked eyes only made everything worse because then there was almost nothing to do.

But it's not a sad story, it's GOOD story. Honestly, It has taught me everything. From real love, compassion, care, empathy, an alive heart and soul and APPRECIATION of my body, life, health and all the good higher emotional things. Patience too. This is life folks. We want to come here and experience things, it's DEFINITELY not always easy, but it's possible! And now I'm and we ALL are here to help <3

So I experienced my biggest losses i believe early in my life to lead this life that my soul/I want, which is also involving being a teacher of a kind. Now, I live my purpose and passion, and use my gifts, and serve/"work" as a clarity/clarification coach/healer, relationship coach and health coach of body, mind and spirit, and also run and own a herbs, superfood, enzyme and essential oil shop.

Now I'm 34 and I'm into my blossoming and shining time which started at 33.

My goal:

in life is to learn, grow, expand, deeply experience, CREATE (as i learn and grow and change etc), and to help create the most beautiful life possible for myself, my loved ones, my amazing partner, and the people in the world and universe around me <3 ~

We all love each other and care us humans... We're all just doing out best and finding our way in life because it's a GREAT challenge and opportunity here on Earth at this time <3 ~ Let's be sensitive and careful and caring to each other and each other's needs and wishes and hearts <3 ~

I thank everyone for helping me so much, in body, and in spirit <3 Deepest and endless thank you .........


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My goal in life right now is EXTREMELY SIMPLE; To be the Best that I can be, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. To THRIVE, glow, radiate, SUCCEED and to help others be and do the same. To be MY best, the best that I personally can be. To be my whole FULL self 100%, no holds barred! To be FIT, strong, healthy, vital and vigorous, in every part of my life. Family, relationships, romance, business, career, creativity. Everything. I'm DEAD serious about LIFE, and about LIVING it to the MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWER! POW!! I'm also getting a bit more raunchy and exuberantly expressive!!

PLEASE feel *welcome* to surf my site here, and take as much value and sheer pleasure and joy and smiles and healing from it as you possibly can. I've put A LOT of work and time and loving energy into it, so that is my intention for it and you. Honor! Reverence! Beauty!

I have a LOT of YouTube videos, (See my video page on this site on the right!), as well as do Spiritual Radiant Abundant Life Coaching Of Body, Mind & Spirit to help you HEAL in ALL ways and to thrive and glow and radiate joy, health, success and happiness in life!!! :D

I have written two books so far and have many others in the works, as well as own my own herbshop to help empower, heal, recharge and SUPER charge your WHOLE BEING- Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit. My vision and dream is for a "New" Earth, a more positive, healthy, happy environment, people and united planet in love, peace and harmony. I'm here RIGHT ALONG THE WAY to help manifest and co-create this!

Thank you for your interest, and for your love and support in my life, my world, my family and loved ones, and thank you for support and sharing of my work, books, videos and messages. I appreciate you, and I honor you. Namaste, peace and love, Owen <3

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"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." 
— Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Owen: I only want to soothe, nurture, and bring love and goodness to others. I will not play games with others hearts or emotions ever, deceive, lie, manipulate, pull strings or help hurt another, no matter what. I want to add to the beauty, sparkle, light and joy of everyone's life <3 Especially those close to me, where my "work" is. My love, truth and Beingness is unconditional.

I'm not a "serious" teacher at all (Altho in my HEART I am); I'm a zesty, vibrant, colorful madman who surfs the tall crashing wave of physical life in the ocean of spirituality! <3 WOHOO! Fun fun fun! Heal heal heal! Soar soar SOAR! no holds barred! - Owen fox <3

4- Nov - 2015
I want to be great. I know we all are ultimately, and spiritually, but what I mean is that I have VERY high standards for myself. I wish to live an ultimate life of love in its 20,000 expressions and ways, high virtuous integral, honest, fun living. I want family life, career helping and serving others highest good, the physical might and prowess of a wild lioness who loves her cubs. I am also a Fox don't forget! I want to use my words for love and uniting, for healing. As well as my actions. I want to activate my spiritual powers and reach All of my potential. Im a harmonious "striver" for sure. Thanks for listening, and wishing you all the best

1 Dec 2015

My goal today is simply to be the BEST HUMAN DIVINE BEING that I can, most virtuous, holy, pure, true, kind and loving and honorable and more. Creative and balanced in both spiritual and physical and to provide for my loved ones, human family, to be fully me in all my whole FULLness, to plant for the future as well as to LIVE for today also. I feel grateful for this day of life. Love to all, Owen <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~


My life is passionately and dedicatedly about healing, as well as learning and growing and expressing/creating the best life ever, and helping others do the exact same thing <3