Dear reader my name is Owen and WELCOME to my page,

My story

After a very troubled and traumatic early upbringing and family split at an early age, I went from being very physically sick, depressed, suffering from 16 years of anxiety, not wanting to love much anymore, self sabotaging behaviour, addiction hardship, serious and long lasting relationship troubles and challenges, to now doing exponentially better, truly feeling very high levels of inner peace, happiness, contentment, self confidence and empowerment, and one of the best is also i learned how to heal my relationship through first healing myself which was a VERY tough and challenging job, let me tell you!

I have DEEP compassion, sympathy, care and proudness of others doing the same and my favorite thing of service is to help others in achieving the same. I am very proud of you for even reading this with an open mind and heart, showing up for life as a parent, single person or in a relationship without children. I also help with conscious parenting and know how much of a challenge and hardship (and greatest blessing!) this can be at times.

After 15 years of personal healing and expansion experience and an intense and challenging journey of self healing, learning, unlearning, practising, failing, succeeding through trial and error, and letting go, IT IS MY PASSION, PURPOSE AND MISSION to help other beautiful sweet innocent souls and humans , FAMILIES, CHILDREN, COUPLES and INDIVIDUALS. For only when WE do the healing do our relationships, lives and FAMILY dynamics improve tremendously over time. What we do and the healing we seek and do within ourselves deeply affects our CHILDREN. I am a proud delighted parent myself to some beautiful children and this is a deep part of my purpose also.

Here's what I help with:

RELATIONSHIP, personal and family healing

Triggers, shadow work, emotional healing, expresing and processing

Communication tips and techniques, emotional responsibility and accountability,

Becoming great at having hard yet needed conversations.

Self healing: Similar to above. Taking back your power.

Letting go of victim story and identity.

Self empowerment.

Healing past trauma and abuse.

Becoming clear and lucid, focused.

Knowing what you want and how to get it in life.

Letting go of the ego and any limited blocks or beliefs.

Letting go of anything heavy and dense that holds us back and holds us down.

Becoming balanced, happy, joyful and harmonious.

Letting go of substance abuse and limiting habits, patterns and addictions.

Mastering your mind and emotions, basically what its all about.

Overcoming and moving beyond depression, anxiety, fear, stress, relationship troubles and conflict,

Sadness, grief, despair, low motivation or creativity, lack of purpose, satisfaction, fulfilment and enjoyment of life.


Learn the real causes of ill health and disease and learn how to create HEALTH.

How to gently but effectively detox the body of toxins, acids and wastes.

Creating circulation of blood, lymph and health emotions.

Diet, exercise.

Overcome and heal pain, skin issues, low energy, low libido, excessive or poor sleeping.

Healthy weight loss, thyroid issues, weak adrenals.

Diet, exercise and herbal advice to take back your power and create a wonderfully healthy, new strong body, fit and able to live and enjoy yourself and love out your passions and life purpose!!!


25% OFF OR 3 SESSIONS, 300 euros in advance.

PERSONAL INVESTMENT (You're worth it!)

€ 133 

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Sky—I spoke with Owen this am and it was a gas—he is so honest & pure of spirit and fun to the max—helped me loads and i appreciated the time we spent in our session..look forward to watching more of his videos.. thank you - Wales, 12th May- 2017

Liz- i especially appreciate Owen’s honesty regarding his pain from his past & childhood experiences-and the resurfacing of those pains- , his sharing of these emotional experiences inspired me to make connections with my own familiar hurts and I am now making connections within myself on how to detox both emotionally & physically- and not blame myself- owen is a great and brave person…. love, Liz - Wales, 12-May-2017

"Owen was brilliant, so helpful to gain a clearer understanding of my emotions, Owen seemed to pull them from my head and speak them back in a clear way and made me gain deeper understanding of my feelings, will be making these sessions a regular part of my life. I thought I might aswell invest my money in something better than beer lol and this was certainly that, also knows his shizzle about herbs which I can't wait to get started on...highly recommend guys and girls" - George Andrews, Northampton, UK 23-March-2017

You make the world a better place, Owen. Much love from Oregon! Blessed we are :) thank you for sharing your journey. You truly are touching the lives of people around the world. Your messages and videos have touched my life in so many ways. They've built me up when I've felt a loss of hope, given me direction, reminded me to love myself and others, taught me to have fun again and enabled the courage and strength to share my own divine self. You're beautiful and an absolute gem! Also, totally adore your laugh ;) makes me feel so happy when I hear it. - Melanie Escamilla 10-Jan-2017

I always feel you on a deep soul level when you talk. also, your topics seems to come around just as I'm experiencing and integrating what you speak about. I appreciate you and your videos, words, presence here on Earth so very much. thank you Owen, & a abundance of radiant Divine Love to You! <3 - Flow Love 13-Jan-2017

"You are the most loving and light filled person I think I've ever seen. Muah my friend. <3" Beverage Cooler 9-Jan-2017

Love your videos!. They have help me in multiple ways, and they have helped me to get through my depression. Thank you sooo much!



Reflections after my time with Owen Fox. certain people cross our paths for a reason and owen most certainly was meant to meet me along my journey in life. the love and respect and joy his videos bring to me. he has inspired me to be all I can be. looking for a substitute herb for medication which lead me to one of his amazing videos on youtube all about the benefits of rhodiola super herb from here it got better I got in touch as I knew he could give me the information and help I needed to create a better healthier me!! so as things progressed on I then found out about his spiritual life coaching which i jumped on the chance to see him and to my delight it was the most breath taking meeting I've ever had in regards of helping to teach me how to tackle different obstacles in my life that were holding me back from my true self. Owen has brought an incredible light into my life reminding me why I'm here. Thank you owen sending an all my love this evening...

Ms L From Ireland - 28-May-2016




Hey Owen ,

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for such a great session! I have had several spiritual coaching sessions and was unsure what to expect. Turns out the session is by far the most sensitive, connected encounter that I am ever so glad I made the invested. Like Spirit talking to Spirit! It was beautiful! Thank You!


Your warm inviting approach during our conversation made the connections I’ve been missing click into place with ease and little resistance .


The road to self enlightenment can be a lonely one and often times us sensitive types can feel run down and exhausted from the journey, but you are a bright light my friend! You are that reminder there is a reason for all our challenges and we all can see them through .

Light recognizes Light and you have given me just what I needed to transition into this next phase of my life.

Many thanks and much Love and Success!

Roy - USA - 20-Dec-2015



I was very surprised at how much my first coaching session with Owen impacted my life in a positive way. 

Owen listened to my concerns w/o judgement, and because of that I felt comfortable opening up about personal matters/concerns. Owen offered sound advice from a spiritual perspective. And I am looking forward to another session so that I can give status on my progress.

Owen is a wonderful person to talk to who radiates love and light, and he is very sweet and gracious.

After one coaching session, I definitely felt like the weight was lifted off my shoulders. While I still feel the sadness of the loss of a relationship and the feelings that go along with that, I now feel lighter and more free. For that I thank you Owen. Plus, I really had fun talking and connecting with Owen.

AF, Florida - 1-Dec-2015



I found out about Owen Fox through videos he has on YouTube. I really resonated with what he talked about and his caring and thoughtful approach. He truly shares his messages from the heart. I had a one on one session with Owen via Skype. He listened and truly cared about what I wanted to discuss and had many helpful ideas and suggestions for me. He is a genuine light worker and a beautiful soul. I would highly recommend his life coaching for anyone looking for true inspiration and loving and gentle guidance towards improving spirit, mind and physical health. Julie L Baker. Oct 6th 2015, US



Owen is AMAZING at what he does! Very brilliant mind, sharp, intuitive, focused, knowledgeable with perspectives that help us grow from old ways of doing and thinking of things to a new way of perceiving, acting and experiencing life that can help us rise to the next levels. Also, a very important quality about Owen is that his heart is open, clear and pure, so he feels very clearly and is able to guide people from a place and balanced perspective of unconditional love and compassion. He helped me develop clarity, self-confidence, personal power, balance and a more empowered outlook in the face of life's challenges. I've seen great personal growth through working out my issues with him. I highly recommend working with Owen! He is possibly one of the most authentic, genuine, honest and caring people you will get to know. - Primitiva Muna 3-October-2015


You changed my life before I even got to know you - Ulf Haukenes 30-September-2015


I am so glad that years ago now I've been appreciating your thoughts, guidance, insights, silliness, love and intentions for good. I accidentally found you when I was exploring the benefits of dandelions on YouTube! What a wonderful surprise it was and is ever unfolding like that wonderful plant with it's deeply cleansing roots turning the dirt into a wonderful nutritious radiant flower that opens up to the sun light and wind sending off it's magical seeds to the world that hold the knowledge of more wonderful flowers that can grow in my mind and heart learning to live more fully! Oooo that just flowed through me! I hope it makes sense...I am speaking metaphorically and literally comparing the dandelion to learning from what you send out to the world. - Terry Ann 24-Sep-2015




Owen Fox's light made me so inspired that I went vegan in 2012 and regained the final missing pieces of my health. All the herbal recommendations I give you guys are things I have tried myself after having been given lots of useful information through Owen personally and his videos and work.


His heart and consciousness inspires me to be a better man with every piece of my resistant wounded heart. This mercury retrograde is in honor of divine masculine it is said and I can think of no better man for me to honor than Owen. Thank you Owen for the loving and lovely being you are and if only more men was like you on this planet.... One day I will come and thank you personally for your part in my journey and do some stargazing together.

I love this man, he changed my life Spiritually years ago here on FB. Love u Owen... 22-Sep-15 M Robinson

I just had an amazingly helpful session with this beautiful soul. Lots of precision and care with processing some tough walls/loops from my life- with the holistic approach. Just as real and thoughtful and nurturing as he is in his videos. To anyone who needs a real life coaching moment- highly recommended. Thank you Owen Fox! So worth it - Qepic 14-Sep-2015

"I'll never forget the first time i came across owen fox when searching how to raise vibration. This is the video Owen Fox! I would say this is the most memorable video i have watched. For no other reason than i think this body contains one of the most loving, expressive souls i have ever seen. Simple beauty of spirit. Authentic. Blessings to you! Wishing you much love dear Owen"

I would strongly recommend anyone to avail of Owen's one to one coaching sessions. He has a calm and magnetic demeanour and approach. He listens carefully and offers practical, heartfelt and wise advice and tactics to help anyone get through hard times, or even just to accentuate an already good life and attitude. This morning I felt that I didn't want to get out of bed, but after chatting to Owen, my heart feels lighter and my head clearer. He is truly a wonderful conduit of healing and helping a person get to a higher healthier vibration. I am already looking forward to our next chat. Thanks so much Owen. xxx

Owen you have inspired me beyond words, I am eternally grateful, and I know I'll get some good advice from you with what's going on in my life now.. Love you !!

“Owen, your videos and your presence reminds me of the absolute power of unconditional love. I’ve been feeling really down the last couple of days and I was guided to this video. I feel myself calming down and grounding back into the present moment and I feel the resistance melting away. Thank you thank you thank you for holding the vibration for all of us. You are a gift. ♥ “ ~ Youtuber comment

Merry Merry Christmas to you as well Dear Owen... it has been a joy and a true delight to check in with you these many weeks.. You are a beam of radiant light with a wonderful, giving, generous ♥.. Know that you have touched my life wtihthis light and the wisdom you share so thoughtfully.. whether I find the giddy, playful puppy, the more serious minded, studious Truth seeker, or the Man, who shares the full range of human emotions, I appreciate what you do, the time you take, and your caring.. the world desperately needs and yearns for the Truths that your messages, keep up the great work, and keep on shining...I wish you peace my friend, and ALL the abundance of every good thing your ♥ might desire ...
- Judith from New Jearsey, USA

I have a thought to share with you, my Friend. In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. Thank youdearly for being THAT person, and loved your page too ...beautiful. Cosmic smiles and thoughts to you ...
- A dear one who saw my videos on my sacred youtubechannel

Hi Owen, just wanted to tell you that I often watch your videos and  have found them a great source of compassion, gentleness and soothing. Its great to find this from a man, so please, keep doing what you are doing!


I felt a connection with Owen's teachings as soon as i started watching one of his youtube videos (I think it was actually his first one!) I had a session with him recently and I really felt a deep sense of understanding between us. This connection reflected in the simple,practical yet incredibly deep clarity andlight he shed on my confusions. He is truly a shining soul, and i am incredibly grateful for his presence on the earth at this time.
Thanks brother:) 
Nico, 26, Australia.

So many people wake up each day and put on an invisible mask on to go about their daily lives. I love how you are so honest, genuine and real Owen!! It is a joy to watch your video's each and every day. I look forward to them!! Love and Hugs, Sandy

Being coached by Owen is very soothing and awakening. There is a really deep spirit of optimism that comes across from him that is clearly genuine and based on open-minded study of leaders like Eckhart Tolle. Hearing him explain how to approach life with gratitude is quite convincing. He helpedthat attitude (attitude of gratitude) feel like a easy and even natural thing for me to choose, even in the face of some hard situations I've been dealing with. I got valuable tips from him on how to slow down, deeply breathe, and enjoy the present moment much more. He also gave good insight on compassionately supporting other people.

Joce, age 27, Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach