I am a superhero soul, just like you! A powerful Divine Human Being, just like you. My plan and mission on this Earth is to reach my highest potential and live an excellent life, thru unblocking, purifying and healing my body-mind-emotion complex. My highest wish for us all is to step into our highest truth and power, and to stop living small, but to start LIVING BIG! From the huge hearts and essence that we all have, and are, and make an INCREDIBLE life and world for ourselves and for us all..

Personally, I've been thru misery and prolonged suffering and pain in my life; deep sadness, loneliness, insecurity and anxious/depression that lasted for many many years in the first main part of my life. In fact to the age of 24. Now my body is 34, so that's well over half. I grew up in a fearful house. My brother and sister were getting stutters, my family split in half when I was 8 years young; we all didn't see the other group for 7 years. I hated school and had struggled dealing with all of those feelings as described above. I catastrophically lost my Amazing health and fitness when I was 20-22, along with my perceived identity at the time, relationship with "God", and was deeply alone and suffered a lot physically for many many years. I reached a place of just wanting to go and get out of here, barely living, as I had almost not joy or happiness in my life anymore, and every day was a torture. It took me a long time to transcend all of this, heal and step into my POWER!!!

So, I got into spirituality, self healing and become a full time learner of anything that could help me. Then I become an avid learner and practitioner of herbal medicine, natural food and natural healing practices. I devoted my time and life to learning as much as I could, in body, mind, emotion and spirit, spirituality and life itself being my biggest heart felt burning flame PASSION. And it still is today.

Today, my highest goal and intention for 2017 is to help and serve the world as much as I can, to help heal and transform as many people's lives as possible, individually and personally speaking first of all, and also to continue to elevate myself to new higher levels. I passionately aspire to help you to become the SUPERHERO that you are and were BORN to be!!!! It is our innate birthright to be BRILLIANT/bright and we are all unique, perfect, beautiful sun fractals of the the Divine <3 Let's all live our PURPOSE AND TRUTH!

I work my passion by making youtube videos on these topics, also focusing heavily around relationships and self awareness. I do 1 to 1 Life, Health & Relationship coaching. I have healed myself of all of these so have the personal experience and empathy needed to help most others. I also have a herb shop where I sell herbs, superfoods, enzymes and essential oils. It's called Higher Self Herbs, and love doing that as herbs have played a significant role in my journey <3