Do you expect people to be like you, or be as "perfect as you" ? Let's live more from understanding, appreciating uniqueness, respecting hurts, insecurities and wounds from past yet unhealed, and also compassion. Nurture like how you nurture a child almost, have that nurturing role, and work on our own unhealed issues or blockages also. ------> and then, there is simply the time to cut real constant "downers" or even abuser from our life, and seek to love and nurture OURSELVES properly if they are not open to healing/learning/improving <3

By processing your wounds and what happened to you in the past, you release your shadow <3

Anything can happen. Don't take life for granted. Appreciate today and those you have <3Anything can happen. Don't take life for granted. Appreciate today and those you have <3

One thing i dont do anymore is give, spend or waste my energy on people who dont mindfully love and appreciate me and my kindness, love and energy. no favors or giving to people who take me for granted or dont love me back and give loving *energy* ~ We're worth love everyone, and conscious appreciation. I work hard for what I do and what i have (along with blessings from Source and guides/angels), it's not fair any of us get taken from and not given back in some loving energetic way and expressions.Spirit helps those who helps themselves. Simple Universal truth. We can be guided to the people, places and things, the knowledge, but we must CHOOSE to take that action. <3 - Owen

If you are not happy with yourself, what are you doing and what are you not doing in life that would be GREAT for you and RIGHT for YOU?! :D <3

How to have self love or heal from social anxiety? See the TRUTH that u are AMAZING! You're never gona get a good relationship if you keep staying in a bad relationship!

For me looks aren't important enough to focus on much. we should focus on more deeper and inner beauty and radiance. outer is shell, a surface bonus. how much time do we spend concerned about our looks? for me its a joke. i look after my looks and exterior because i want to be healthy, not because i want to be especially attractive. i love myself so clean my skin and put some oil on, and have nice skin as a result, i dont do it for looks. surface shallow people will go after you because of your looks. deeper people will go after you because of your beauty inner, with outer looks a bit combined only.

i dont even want to talk about much or focus much on looks to be honest. my feeling/suggestion is stop caring so much. i care about her inner shine only and exterior health and glow reflecting self love and inner glow only.

i love people for WHO THEY ARE. I dont give a phuck how my close friends and human family look basically. but i love people who shine!!!! And i like seeing that reflection of your inner beauty!   <3

Thank you!
Owen Fox

hahahaha :D :D :D :v ~~~~~~~~ gobble gobble x thank you nature, most high, beautiful powerful blissful light in the sky of LIFE, source.... beauty, truth, love joy happiness, fulfillment, service, kindness, SELF LOVE FIRST before notions and labels, honesty, integrity, honor, justice, love, compassion, fun, laughter, kindness, warmth, friendliness, and nature, thank our parents and gratitude for all and nature and life. be nude, stretch, sunlight on skin, clean your holy body temple, inside and out on skin, raw food and fruits and herbal teas, distilled water, orin therapy, sunshine, swimming in the ocean, connecting with ourselves-nature-and each other without walls and barriers <3 xxx much love Owen O:) <3 ~~~~~~~ !!! (Y) !!!

Set your intentions for the day each morning. Your LIFE flows from them! Be consistent and persistent with your goals, and visualize very carefully of what you want in life, and remind yourself regularly. Keep envisioning your highest goal for yourself and achieve your DREAMS!! <3 Much love, Owen Fox

It's good to talk about/mention what you don't like or phucking hate, as long as you don't dwell and get fixated on it that you keep giving your attention to it resulting in lots of new/further negative emotions being created. Expressing and "letting out" emotion is good for you. It's allowing energy to leave rather than get stuck in your field/cells/aura.... which is bad for you.

 Once you allow energy to flow and be expressed (ex-pressed)/pushed out, then you ALLOW SPACE for energy to flow, and the energy of things like compassion, love, kindness and PEACE to be felt and then expressed later, immediately after or another time.

 So bottom line is you need to honor the truth of how you feel FIRST, imho, and then all the good things will come to you naturally, because you've removed the block of suppression and stagnation.

 Namaste, peace, love and TRUTH above all (because truth sets you "free" (allows space and energy circulation that allows love and good things to be and "live".....)


Owen Fox

Life is really moving pretty fast enough, and im enjoying it. Im moving to a fruit based or even pure fruit diet overall, and im living more detached from everything than ever. I feel freer and happier as a result of both of these things. more secure in myself and stable with the ever changing uncertainty, and unstability of life. Im stable in it!! <3 Im happy having learned my lesson lately.


I'm not going to waste any of my children's time learning rubbish, false shit, stuff they find boring in any way, or anything they basically don't want to learn. TIME IS IMPORTANT. I Can't believe I spent so much time doing stuff i HATED and learning stuff I wasn't even interested in, and it didn't do me much or any good in life at all anyways.

Modern schooling is rubbish. I'm not gona have them part of the system or exams AT ALL. They're gona be brilliant, intelligent free thinkers who are very powerful manifesters, business, creative masters and highly tuned in, astute Divine Beings!!!!!! Woah!!

How could they possibly NOT? this is the BASIC, prime level of who they naturally ARE lol :D :v makes me laugh to think otherwise, how can people consciously pollute their child, body, mind, emotion and spirit? I dont think they can, and since im conscious and educated and aware, I'm not going to.


Owen Fox

When I get my child(ren), Im gona raise them NATURALLY..... NATURALLY................... clear, clean, PURE and BEAUTIFUL, JUST the way they NATURALLY are when we don't keep INTERFERING, and brainwashing them with all sorts of shit to be honest.. Most people mess up their children and DEEPLY contaminate them; their MIND, body and emotions. Trauma and rubbish after trauma and rubbish. THAT'S why the world is the way it has been for so long (changing rapidly!!!!); because of the consciousness, and HEALED (or not healed) state of the parents; their clarity, purity and cleanlinEss and clarity of body, mind and spirit. NEW AGE folks, it's HERE!!!!!

lol, people STILL focusing on looks, physical appearance and physical characteristics so much is SO boring to me. Please get EXCITED about their INNER BEAUTY and characteristics, rather than excited about someone's physical characteristic or even their clothes......

Jeepers, can you not get beyond the coating on the shell, and look inside someone's soul instead or at least 100 times more??! also, getting into relationships based on looks as anywhere NEAR a primary importance to you is very dangerous. Physical attraction MAY be fun, but just see what happens when u get with someone who's spirit, wisdom, knowledge and internal consciousness isn't developed. All sorts of nonsense, drama and fighting etc. No judgment, but it's real <3 blessings x

Don't apologies for being YOU. Don't be a "yes" man or woman, or be too "agreeable". Learn to stand up STRONG for yourself, and say NO, whenever you want, from the smallest things to the greatest things. It's your fucking life, not someone else's. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy with integrity, moment by moment.


Always bear this in mind; stop agreeing to do things or go places you really really want to do or go to, and stop doing or going places with people you don't really want to be with in the first place. That's SELF BETRAYAL.


Stop wrecking yourself, and start LOVING yourself momentarily, by saying no to what isn't in your heart, and YES to what IS. Spend some time alone each day also if you don't already. Don't be attached to people, things, places, outcomes or anything at all. Forget about seeking people's approval, positive opinion or being LIKED. Learn to be perfectly brilliant with being DISLIKED.


Don't be an asshole, I'm just saying being honest with integrity, and never be ashamed to be honest and real, but be conscious in your expression also as I'm saying above <3


Nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to being real and honest <3

Stop thinking or worrying about if people are watching you or if they approve or if they like you or what they think of you and you'll be 150 billion times more free and joyful than you are now :P hahaha :D <3

Cooked food is only satisfying to my taste buds really. Fruit is satisfying both my taste buds AND to my CELLS, making them have a huge happy PARTY!!! Which one do you want? It also powerfully affects my emotions and mind too, so be careful about that ;) x

Practice not tolerating what you don't desire by being extremely fussy and careful with what energies and environments and people you ALLOW or STAY IN in your life, as well as how FAST you LEAVE then if they arent awesomely positive. Otherwise, just learn as much as possible from the hard lessons, as well as learning THIS lesson; stop tolerating average or crap energies in your life. <3 Do not put up with non great love and appreciation for you.

Say NO awesomely to what doesnt uplift, inspire and elevate you, and nurture your SPIRIT <3 <3 <3 !!!!! Be a GREAND CHOOSER of what you allow to stay, or where YOU stay. Get rid of the junk energies, the poor vibes. The low ones ~ LOVE as much as you can, and very often love doesnt look loving, it is equally or more about honoring your truth and saying no and kicking things away or getting away from things/people.

Real LOVE starts all with SELF LOVE, looking after yourself. Being altruistic is so often about ego trying to appear or seem saintly or "good" to others. In the end, being kind to others is rewarding so we "selfishly" receive feeling good or having a good self image/ (ego). Loving can appear strong and powerful; not just meek, weak or "nice". Stop being nice. it's a joke.

BE STRONG!!!!!! Say YES and NO to the right things. Tune into spiritual truth and love. Burning from within and emanating outward effortlessly, without fear or ideas, or approval or identification. ~ Owen Fox

Stop caring what people think of you. Of whether or not they APPROVE or like you or not. Stop caring if people are WATCHING you. Be free, and stop being afraid!!!!! <3 Do what YOU want, with integrity, not what others want of you. Stop playing that stupid, life sapping game. Live this momentarily 

True beauty, and true attractiveness, true gorgeousness, true prettiness is on the *~inside~* folks. It's energetic. It's their spirit and soul. It's their heart, and finally their outsides. Don't be lured, fooled or attracted by looks alone or mainly. Please look beyond. You'll only get yourself probably into trouble and not a really good connection on the deeper states if you make that mistake, but yeah, you may have some great physical attraction or sex hotness if that's what you want, and if that's what you want that's ok. Jut know what you want, and then know how to get it, and then get it <3 Love, Owen <3 ~

 Choose light and love, and spiritual integrity, but also do not put up and tolerate that which is not light and love to yourself and your hearts true desire <3 ~ Owen Fox

Living a good/great/healthy life is all about ENERGY. We WASTE loads of energy eating both *too much* food and also the wrong type of food that is devoid of positive things for the body. I highly recommend not eating more than half full, and eating best quality food possible, and not eating too late, and not eating stuff that congests or is too heavy, unnatural, or hard to both *digest* OR *remove* from the body. I recommend RAW/living food especially, and juices, teas, liquidy type food, and even the "heavier" raw foods that have pretty decent water content also like nuts and seeds.


Personally i find cooked food, *especially* in too high *amounts!!!!* wrecks me and robs my energy. I don't want that. I want lots of energy, to wake up fresh, have better dreams, faster *recovery* from anything, greater sexual/creative energy, better cleaning ability and much more, better emotional and mental well being and clarity also. Blessings all, love - Owen <3 ~ <3 namaste!

In relationships, for me i cudnt and wudnt wait for sum1 not ready for me. i dont deserve that and amnt willing to stay connected to that person in that way if they dont show up for me and themselves.
id break connection and move on personally
and who knows, maybe a new better healthier viable connection might surprise you/me/that person. highest love and truth that i am capable of <3Owen

The main thing to do in life is not get all u want right now, but to make yourself good on the inside right now; that moment of clarity and "perfection" ; bringing confidence and surity, knowing you will be well. when you make that personal breakthru, of knowing what you want and knowing what you dont want, and what you will and will not put up with, and what you can handle and only what you will allow in your space and life, THEN know all you want will come to you in perfect soon timing. Youre have done it. as within, so without :P its all about personal breakthru. u can let me help u make this personal breakthrus in your life, as my passionate work calls me to do. namaste and thanks ,Owen :) <3

One thing I'll say to "you" today, is that if you don't extremely carefully manage your life and make the choices and be proactive for your happiness and happy, healthy balance and needs in life, nobody else will basically. You gota look after yourself. Do stuff! Be PROACTIVE. Don't neglect yourself. Remember what makes you feel alive and happy and do those things <3 - Owen ~

If you try a lot with someone, and they don't appreciate or love your positive energy, then go enjoy your own company, or to someone else who is fun and loving and appreciative of you <3

If your partner, or another person doesn't be kind, loving, caring and basically a wonderful positive energy 80%-90% of the time, then consider spending your time or finding other people to spend time with who are. If someone only gives you good, healing, soothing, exciting, positive energy only about 10%-50% of the time or less, why are you spending your valuable, limited life time with them? Even only 60-70% of the time them being very nice to you isn't enough imho, at least for me.

Be selective whom you give your loving, appreciative, kind, positive, energy to. You are worth the very best, especially when you give the very best. Your time is limited alive. And so are others, so be caring and good to them as possible also. Always be very conscious and caring of your energy, words, thoughts and actions.

You don't have to be in silence or complete silence to feel your own tremendous powerful silence within yourself. similarly with meditation, you dont have to sit still. you can carry this peace, love and tranquility with you whenever you remember to connect to yourself, your own inner peace, inner silence, and inner heart, and breathe <3 Owen

To AVOID negative hurtful arguments or interactions, its better to get sad than to get angry. It's better to say a few words for a while than to get attached to your opinion or standpoint of being right or attached to needing to be heard or understood immediately. Giving space and ending quickly with respect, care or even sweetness can give space to help others recenter and see more fairly and clearly. And it avoids lots of time, stress and hurt also this way. Go for a walk in nature, be sweet or kind in some way, or else do something fun and enjoyable even. Or do something healthy or constructive.


Life is a series and sequence of LETTING GO of the heavy or dense, the last moments or events even years ago that make you stuck and heavy. Much love, Owen <3


Every day is special, and a time ticking invaluable "never get back" experience in our life. - Owen

Arguments can start from squabbling over small things. If you want to avoid needless arguments and disconnection, then stop squabbling before it's too late, and be sweet instead. "It's better to do the right thing than to be right"

Life is made up of our daily decisions and choices. You get what you choose and decide. So choose carefully <3 Actions, decisions, behavior, thoughts, perspectives, outlooks, heart centeredness, learning etc, and more. It's pretty simple. You get what you choose and decide. You're not a victim, you're a chooser and manifester, a CREATOR.

There's lot of nuances and little details to be learned in life where you mix countless "teachings", ideas or philosophies together. Sticking to or only knowing one area is extremely limiting, to say the least. Why?

Because life is more than extremely multi dimensional and faceted. To know what's the "right" or should I say, The MOST direct, clear or harmonious action to take (or inaction), that yields "best" or more favorable/wanted results, then one must know many perspectives or points or view, many directions, and above all, have a CLEAR mind and heart, which brings wisdom and love. Sticking to one ideology will rob you. Open mindedness and beginners mind is the way to go, and continual self honesty and clearing/cleaning up your act by honestly evaluating your life, yourself and your behavior. (conscious and unconscious and habits).

When u are in your heart u feel PEACE. stuff like empathy/imagining being in their shoes, compassion..... simple as that. peace. xx 

Communication is not just about content of what is said. What's even more important imho is the timing itself, because it doesnt matter what u say, if the timing is wrong with one or two people. As you know, arguments can happen starting from good meaning or peace of one person. So its' about heart centeredness, finding that heart calm within you and openness and compassion, and picking time perfectly. This requires patience, skill of knowledge and understanding. <3

Generally never point out anyone else's weaknesses, faults, errors, mistakes WHEN they are unconscious, out of control, angry, mad, furious or super unbalanced. That's a very bad time. YOUR job is to be CONSCIOUS, careful and non reactive when others are unconscious. - "its more important to do the right thing than to be right" - Owen 

Tip for peace and practicing self love;

1. Work out and heal your own issues/traumas so you don't start up attacking, blaming or criticizing others or treating them meanly or heavily and basically being unconscious and living in dysfunction.

2. When others do this, don't fall into this and give your time and energy and words to getting sucked into their dysfunction, in the meantime, losing your own peace and consciousness gradually thru their dysfunctional, disturbed, hostile energy, and then YOU become dysfunctional and unconscious more.

Stay conscious all the time basically, avoid drama by not starting it or losing yourself in another's. This is self love and sanity. And you can practice good will, love, forgiveness and have inner peace all thruout and after A LOT if you can expand yourself to this level/state :) <

If others don't pull up, or if you're the person who isn't pulling up, the relationships and friendships will simply end, as one chooses self love and peace over unconsciousness, conflict and attachment.

Affirmation: Things are getting better, and my problems or challenges will soon or sometime pass. Let me enjoy and learn from this moment as best I can. Thank you <3 - Owen www.higherselfherbs.comRelationships require a degree of affirmation/re-installation of sweetness and intimacy and reassurance, because we can all have doubts, or question how much another person is passionate about us, into us, loves us, forgives us, or/and doesn't hold anything against us. So, taking/MAKING time for special romance or special alone time together is very important, and needs to be managed, just like the rest of every aspect of our lives also. This is real, genuine, grounded, holistic, all chakra based, living <3


We exist in many ways, and one important way to remember is that we are consciousness beyond and in between thought, words, sentences, actions, both done physically and those that exist in our mind. My suggestion; feel this in your life also sometimes, especially be quiet, still and "spacious" before you react to a challenging situation or Person* especially. Take a moment and connect with inner stillness. "Be" the space, the gap, the silence that witnesses everything, and also know each moment is passing, and don't be attached to the last moment too much, or in a negative way. Peace and love wishes to you. thank you for being here, and doing the best you can, just like us all <3 Namaste, Owen


Relationships require a degree of affirmation/re-installation of sweetness and intimacy and reassurance, because we can all have doubts, or question how much another person is passionate about us, into us, loves us, forgives us, or/and doesn't hold anything against us. So, taking/MAKING time for special romance or special alone time together is very important, and needs to be managed, just like the rest of every aspect of our lives also. This is real, genuine, grounded, holistic, all chakra based, living <3

Manifest physical from our Spirit & Heart <3

I'm not jealous of anyone's riches because I know that that is perfect for their spiritual journey and exact lessons here. Mine have been different. Rich people often kill themselves and are SO sad, lost and lonely. I'm rich on the inside by my standards, altho always learning and improving too and making mistakes haha :P :D And inwardly wise, I could never be jealous that someone is happier and more peaceful at a given year or time than me. I'm happy for them. It's all perfect, spiritually speaking. I'm glad for my suffering and disasters and what I have called "problems" in life. I don't have any anymore because I know the above. Only lessons and challenges to be courageously tackled and learned from, and masterfully as possible manifested thru by my every action.

You make peace with the past, not by "forgiving" it, because that suggest something went wrong in Divine Nature, but instead you go way beyond that and see the spiritual and deeper significance, lesson and gift that that hard time gave to you from your higher self/Universe. Then you're left with wisdom, gifts and gratitude for your expansion from it. Simple as that .

My posts on fb are informative/insightful for healing and clarification. (which brings expansion and joyful creativity). otherwise its about my personal life also. my posts are usually happy pics etc. but they are highlights of my life more or less. like you all, I have struggles, challenges, and dramatic moments lol. nobody has "arrived". we're all adventure souls coming to earth at this mad time :P haha :D <3 LOVE IT! always ask for help and guidance form your spirit family and guardian angel(s) when in a trouble, and thank them daily or as often as possible that u remember. don't worry, you're NEVER alone. my advice for going thru rough patches is this, as well as be DEEPLY humble about learning and being "wrong" or not perfect, and making and learning from your mistakes. don't be arrogant and closed. that'll fook you up and cause loads of trouble in relationships. say sorry, be love, open your heart, be kind, sweet, and pick your timing with people because if you force and pick a bad time, that'll fook you up too hahaha :D hahaha love that expression :P You get over relationship arguments by .........!!! Making your heart and their heart more important than your head. Simple as that. It takes a lot of time sometimes to learn and realize this. Be super sweet and heart connected afterwards, and be very careful and caring as a result. 

When I feel anger, I express is very carefully. I do express it. I don't suppress it. but its done for good, healing, connection, understanding, for everyone, and more. <3 When I feel anger, I express is very carefully. I do express it. I don't suppress it. but its done for good, healing, connection, understanding, for everyone, and more <3

Things are supposed to go "wrong" in life. Really its all RIGHT, but it seems wrong just because we want an easy ride. BUT we didn't come here for an easy ride' we came here to be EXPANDED, to learn ,grow, heal and evolve, and CREATE nicer things with every incremental piece of growth, healing, evolution and expansion. Ever notice that?! So EXPECT things to not be always smooth with everything, keep your head high, TRUST, pray, and have as much fun and lightness along the way ALSO. Be tuned in to hurt etc too, not TOO frivolous but just don't be too unrealistic, negative or expecting the stuff that'll never happen. You're SUPPOSED to try 3-10 times or more to manifest something. don't expect just to get everything you want on your first attempt. That's ridiculous usually. ENJOY! "try and try again". Only try with your true heart's desires or things that need to be done. Don't waste time with rubbish and crap. That might be a lesson in learning when to stop and cut the chords there. With every healing and breathru and empowerment injection, a better life is lead <3 Simple I'm passionate about heling humanity and the world <3 Thanks for all your help and doing it together <3

You're supposed to get on great with your partner. That's what life partner is, someone "better" than a friend, who is extra close and good to you and you get on very well. Otherwise, why are they no.1 position of partner in your life??!! lol. Life gives us lessons, and we grow thru hard relationships, but just bear that in mind if u want a really good one

Let's HEAL each other, and embody HEALING energy. At least heal OURSELVES, and be a powerful Being who doesn't also take rubbish, destructive energy from others.

Apparently we get 10,000 cancer cells per day. But our immune system has trillions upon trillions of parts to it, that easily deal with this natural flow. When we keep doing unnatural, chemical and unbalanced things, then it can get out of control in long run. It usually takes 6-8 years approx to detect cancer/tumors. Better not wait that long, and start cleanin and getting healthy today. Urine therapy/pure healing water is the number 1 thing I know of thats free, as well as raw living foods and herbs, and healthy lifestyle practices like connecting to earth, sun, air and water therapy. Cancer has been cured ever since the beginning of time and can be easily prevented. It's only about knowing the right information, hence why my 2nd favorite quotation is "knowledge is power". Please spread this good news and empowering information and my work to help raise and heal human consciousness on this plant. I appreciate you doing so <3


BE LIFE TIP FOR TODAY: Be appreciative and grateful and enjoy where you are at now in life. Don't condemn the spiritual perfection of ALL your past, and don't be in too much of a rush to your future dream. All is unravelling in perfect Divine timing, along with your perfect daily choices and learning and healing too. ENJOY today and savor every drop of your life <3 Hydrate up! Learn about "uring therapy" for mood, energy and health, and learn about fruits and raw food and light, juicy cooked meals as friendlier cooked food. Learn to balance up and how to Rest and sleep when you need it. Walk barefoot as much as you can, and get sun on your skin, take your clothes off when you can/acceptable etc.

Women: Be careful of men chasing you only for sex unless that's what you want. CHOOSE a man who is LOVES AND WANTS your insides!!! As in your heart and soul. Who respects, loves, appreciates, NURTURES, compliments you, and uplifts you, supports you and your dream/life, and who makes LOVE to your body as an expression of this sincere love and appreciation of your heart and soul <3 you're worth this. Don't settle for anything less. If you do, check out your belief systems about yourself, and understand your past traumas. Get one to one coaching/healing with me when you feel you're ready and want a beautiful high vibe relationship that you probably know deep down that you deserve <3 HERE: Owen Fox

Creativity and managing your life and needs help prevent you from unnecessary dwelling on the past, or focusing too much on what you don't have, as you're filling yourself up and getting happy and reactive instead. When you mismanage your life and needs, and creativity and things that make you happy and fulfilled, you turn to drugs, things or people in excessive focus and dependency. Solution: Know thyself, and see how you can juggle, balance, harmonize, add in, take away things in your life so you are far more satisfied and happy. Then you can carefully select someone to make you happier rather than diving into them out of desperation because you're so not fulfilled or content already.


 Spiritual = dedicated and interested in self healing and growth. cleaning up your act and negative energy/behavior.

Healthy and enjoyable sex tip generally; Make sure there is lots of intimacy, foreplay for woman especially but even for man too; touching, caressing, kissing, tasting, licking etc...... looking....... being present, make sure you both have enough energy to satisfy EACH OTHER (not just the man!!!), and take your time (generally unless you're both ready for an enjoyable speedier connection), and savor everything. Make sure the setting and atmosphere and temperature is comfortable and you won't be easily distracted etc..... then.

ENJOY each other and EXPRESS the LOVE and care you have for each other. Talk nice words, or sexy, arousing words to one another. Listen, look and observe how your partner is reacting to you physically, mentally and emotionally. Make sure they are enjoying as well as yourself. Work together, and create a wonderful sexual sharing and encounter together where both feel safe, respected and cared for/looked out for.

If it's just more casual sex make sure there is equal enjoyment and respect and honesty involved, even if it's not a committed relationship. You don't want deceit, and make sure you are practising safely so there isn't unwanted pregnancy for young/any aged woman and man, and also protect yourself from STIs. It's also very important/good to know the sexual health/STIs/cleanliness of your partner and sexual relations to a degree if you are both open to that, altho that's not as important as knowing if they are free from infections/diseases etc that could potentially harm you.

This is all simply nothing less or more than just simply being a responsible adult who doesnt get or give unnecessary harm, discomfort or complications to yourself or another. Other than that, just be honest and practice respect to the highest you can <3

Peace, love, light and being real, yet true,
Owen <3

In a relationship it's very important to look after the needs of another person, or what's important to them, even if it's not important to you. Just pay attention. Tune in. Listen. Learn. Adapt. Share your heart and mind also, but make sure you listen to what's important to one another and work together for a mutually beneficial relationship

The immatured man on this planet is like a lion in a sense; territorial and possessive of "his" females. He's obviously totally different than the lion tho, as all is upfront and simple with the lion; you know what to expect and it's all out in the open. The immature sophisticated (in a way) man will often deceive, hide, lie, manipulate, stunt and control.

The immatured women will live a pipe dream and be dislocated from reality. She wants so badly that fairy tale of the knight in shining armor to whisk her away, have babies and they all live happily ever after. The immatured woman will be naive, too easy to trick, deceive or manipulate, and fed lies to make her believe in a false dream the man has no true intentions or maybe ability to deliver.

When the two come together, the woman will generally come out worse and disappointed, and scarred, traumatized, wounded. This is obviously just a generalization and there are many variations but it's a pretty decent generalisation I Know so many women will identify with, and men too.

Solution. Mature and get healing. Get clarification from a clairty/clarification healer and coach like me and/or others in your area. Wise up, be honest, get grounded in reality and know your self worth and that you deserve the VERY BEST. GIVE and BE the very best first, that's the only way you can Get the very best.-----> Self improvement........ is what it's all about.

love and warm best wishes

Sometimes our greatest blessings and lessons come in the most unexpected, strangest or most unusual disguises. We get what we need usually from our higher Self, not just always only what we "want". We're souls on a learning discovery and creative journey here, and we're adults. We didn't come here to this tough planet to play small or be pampered by the Universe all of our lives. Face life head on with your head held high, and learn as much/fast as you wish. Me; I'm enthusiastic to learn, love and live fast, but enjoy slower rhythms also <3 ~


Thank you life for the challenges, it keeps things fun and alive and interesting ;) haha. On our tippy toes!!! :D <3 I'm not afraid of a challenge, hardship or less. I'll take it in my stride, but also don't want extra hardship either. Just enough to stay growing good, and expanding into the next higher upgraded version of myself that I want to be <3 ~

It's most effective and optimal to make decisions not from a place of dissatisfaction, fear or ANY negative feelings. It's actually better and most clear to have WANTING something instead of running away from something as your deciding factor. First way is full of distraught and negative feelings, and confused mayhem/drama/chaos, and the second way is laser sharp conscious creation of exactly what you want instead. Step1 = First learn what you don't want and after initial dissatisfaction or upset about it, then let go and learn from that, and THEN AFTER aligning with good feelings and a clear mind and heart THEN make an empowering choice for your highest good and self love <3 - Owen fox ~

When you know, there is peace and harmony. Things work and there is flow. When you don't know, there is discord, disruption, chaos and damage even. The question is: Are you willing to know, thru learning, listening and being open? Then you can have all you want in life <3 My two favorite quotations are "The truth shall set you free", and secondly, "Knowledge is power". Without knowing, which also means clarity, wisdom, knowledge, educating yourself, you don't have the power to have what you want, both in life, and in relationships. So get educating yourself, and start being receptive, if you want to get what you heart truly desires <3

There is a difference in pointing out the truth, and criticizing someone. It's better to own the truth and take accountability, than to be in denial. It's better to listen to someone, than to interrupt them or not listen to them. It's better to speak what's REALLY on your mind and heart, (generally; not to mean be reckless with your triggers or upsets and energy), than to continuously hide your true feelings. We can EXPRESS this in a positive energy, rather than reckless disharmonious/disruptive energy way. We are free to be honest, but be careful HOW you are honest. Learn! Listen. Learn. Be open.


You don't get anywhere by continuously hiding your truth <3 ~

In my humble opinion and experience, when you are too loose and uncareful with your energy, and express irritation, frustration, annoyance or a form of anger with your partner on the spot, it can startle and upset them, and basically imho, it's basically disastrous for the connection and building of that relationship. I HIGHLY recommend not doing this, and instead learn to hold back a tiny bit in that instant, and express to MANIFEST WHAT YOU WANT instead in a more constructive, healthier, harmonious energetically and physically words and tone etc, fashion.

If u wanna NOT be depressed, touch and enrich other people's lives, as well as your own <3 CONNECT with others, nature, your environment, and especially yourself, your body, your home in gratitude, your truth and honesty, your sexuality, your emotions, your ups and downs, what you love and like, what you dislike or "hate" (without focusing on what you really dislike and using it as a springboard to make/manifest what you really want oppositely). help others, be of service my friends, stop moaning or moping around doing nothing to help others. It can be big or small. Learn, grow, heal, seek help, spend money on healing and learning.

My life is my meditation. My life is my prayer. I pray daily for knowledge, wisdom, love and learning and healing so I can live a better more wholesome, fulfilling, heart centered, balanced, helpful and helping to others life <3

When someone leaves in a relationship, it actually gives BOTH people and opportunity to advance in their lives. This is the higher thought truth of it; it's the ego/false/lower vibrational perspective to latch onto a victimstory and live in doom and gloom. There are hidden gifts in everything really, not that we want to learn the hard way or anything, but my own personal greatest miseries have been my greatest learning grounds and expansion nests! We are the creators of our lives!

Wishing you all truly all the best from my heart,

Owen <3
It's nearly always better to not insinuate someone is doing wrong in any way; rather it's better to both kindly share your own feelings or needs/wishes, as well as inquire as to why people are upset or hurt or if they are having an ok day etc, which may be behind their acting not so nice with you. Don't get overly defensive or react yourself, or waste time arguing or explaining yourself excessively; rather tune into your soft heart rather than frustration and do what I mentioned above.

This is general rule except for serious abusers etc who instead you need to get away from them, seek help and support and protect yourself. Otherwise, the above in general human relations works miracles. Never make it about someone being wrong and you being righteously "right" or/and above them. It's a big shift, and takes generally a lot of practice and careful thinking, wording and voice and body expression/language. It's excellent skills in human relationship manifestation to be able to do this.

"Overthinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is"

Owen :Solution = knowing this, being ready for it to come up, and powerfully intending a plan of action to deal with it when it comes with help of other people even. Finding ways for both people to work it out with love instead of head and reaction/defense/counter attack/right and wrong game, and also finding ways to relax and be nursed into health again. Also letting out pain and understanding where hurts from past influence us (triggers), and thus knowing what it really is, and finding a simple solution to the current topic that triggers us also. Thank you <3


Sex without the love and intimacy is a bit like drugs; a quick fix or buzz but nothing lasting or long terms that deeply nurtures and nourishes and makes you feel wonderful for a long time.

Real super simple fruits or/and greens that's ideally our simplest of foods all tasty on its own without needing to add other tastes or drug like additives to cover up or mask over the natural taste similarly makes you feel wonderful in body, mind and spirit. Look at animals; they don't add condiments. They just eat fresh real simple food on it's own, raw and fresh.

"You don't want to be real when you're being really uncareful. You want to be real when you are being very careful. You want to be real when you understand your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, your accurate or unaccurate thinking. You want to be real when you know yourself, when you undersytand what's going on. You want to be real when you're connected to your heart. You want to be real when you're connected to Someone Else's feelings and heart, and the fact that their alive and having an experience, and often  in pain or suffering themselves. You want to be real when you are clea. There are different circumstances when you should or shouldn't be "real" idealistically. You generally don't want to be real when you're really hurting" - Owen fox

It's nearly always better to not insinuate someone is doing wrong in any way; rather it's better to both kindly share your own feelings or needs/wishes, as well as inquire as to why people are upset or hurt or if they are having an ok day etc, which may be behind their acting not so nice with you. Don't get overly defensive or react yourself, or waste time arguing or explaining yourself excessively; rather tune into your soft heart rather than frustration and do what I mentioned above. This is general rule except for serious abusers etc who instead you need to get away from them, seek help and support and protect yourself. Otherwise, the above in general human relations works miracles. Never make it about someone being wrong and you being righteously "right" or/and above them. It's a big shift, and takes generally a lot of practice and careful thinking, wording and voice and body expression/language. It's excellent skills in human relationship manifestation to be able to do this. <3 -

Thank you to all of our teachers, guides, healers, masters, angels and Beings in Spirit and 3d physical time space life whom help us in every possible way both when we do know and when we don't know. "If you ever knew who walked beside you on your path, you'd never be afraid again". Thank you <3 Love, and appreciation - Owen ~

Tough love is often the best love. It's needed when soft love doesn't get thru. It can be given with the heart, but we don't have to walk on eggshells, in fact we can be rather blunt and direct, but still nice and caringly loving. It's not optimal to let people stew in victimhood, feeling sorry for themselves, or not taking any positive action to improve their situation. heart emoticon Said with love for all. I've been there myself, Owen

Do what you gota do with a good spirit seeing the spiritual perspective too. don't equate responsibility with burden. Pray, trust, act, persevere, know thyself, love thyself, be thyself. the truth shall set you free

Our beliefs come from the planet, place and time where we decide to  come to. Our FOCUS and INTENTION create our life, thru a mix of clearing ourselves, SO THAT sychronicity can happen, be seen, and be ACTED UPON (opportunity taken). 

FOCUS + ACTION + PERSISTENCE = Manifestation in this 3rd density time space reality.

What we believe affects everything both metaphysically, and simply practically too. What we focus on expands. What we give money to grows. Be conscious of who and what you want to make grow by feeding with your money. Like watering or feeding plants. EMPOWER good positive companies that love and nurture the Earth Mother, and its inhabitants. Not low vibrational companies that exploit, hurt, cause pain or ruin. CONSCIOUS LIVING.

Have the best day ever, create beauty, be clean and harmonious thru aligning with NATURE and natural practices, and natural balance as seen all in NATURE.

Balance + Nature = HEALTH, of body, mind and spirit.

Eat simply, listen to your body, clean yourself up as you NATURALLY would be before polluting yourself with chemicals and toxins and unnatural or old foods.

YOU ARE AS FRESH AS THE FRESH FOOD THAT YOU EAT <3 And the fresh, CREATIVE thinking that we allow into ourselves.

The truth shall set you free. Truth and nature = love naturally flows. You don't have to "try" be loving once your mind, heart, pathways and energy is clear. Seek healing of mind, body and spirit <3

Thank you and much love, appreciation and gratitude to you. Speak to you soon, Owen <3


The more we act like a "teacher" (of love and kindness and compassion just like how we may treat our child who is immature also (which isnt bad or a judgment) then the less people want to mess with us, because they know their stinky or unconscious behavior will be confronted. and we are also a student always too so none of this is about being arrogant either <3

This only applies to obvious unconscious behavior AFTER we ourselves have stopped being a big baby ourselves. WE MUST BE HONEST WITH OURSELVES and heal and clarify ourselves as much as possible and look for our own mistakes and learning also in every situation or conflict.


- Owen fox ~


Knowing who you are and who you want to BE next is the most important thing in life, then making it so, and living int accordance with your truth. Learning and staying open is also the most important thing too. This will groundshatteringly, breakthru your life into blossoms of flowers from the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly... Live it.!


~ Owen fox

We must learn to listen to our own truth, and direction, and what works for us, nourishes us, and esp balances us and bring harmony to us. Not what others say we should try or is excellent. I dont meditate, nor do i need long amounts of silence or anything like that. yet i have a very well balanced, happy and peaceful life. its more about growing and learning from our experiences, mistakes and lessons, and being TRUTHFUL to ourselves, and ultimately others too. learn from each trigger, emotion, argument and experience ok.


sometimes we need space, sometimes people interaction, sometimes put up boundary, sometimes eat healither, sometimes let loose a bit, sometimes let go, sometimes keep with, sometimes listen to ourselves more, some people like to dance, other talk ,other sing, others stay at home more, others rest, others go into nature more etc etc etc. use your creative talents IF you like them and are inspired.


love to you. Owen Fox

Nature + Balance = Health of body mind and spirit.

Unnatural life/food/practices + out of balance = sickness, disease, mental illhealth, and a sad, depression, unfulfilled, disconnected, "dead"/heavy life.


Learn this and practice it daily.

If you want my help, I do excellent coaching 1-1 at a very good price too for what it's worth, to be honest <3

Share my work, and contact me here, please;

My other website for health of body mind and spirit;

Owen fox <3

Life is managed, not cured. Make one little step at a time. What you hold onto, and what you let go of. Your whole life is made by your daily, hourly choices, of what you say "yes" to and what you say "no" to, of what you CHOOSE, one over the other. This or that, over and over again. Choose carefully and manifest your life masterfully! Life is the greatest gift, and your choice is the greatest blessing. Life is about discovering yourself, and creating yourself and your actions anew in every moment. What a BEAUTIFUL blessing life is!!! <3

Passionate desire combined with demanding the Universe when you don't have closes the door to receiving, or even worse (harder really) getting what you demand but it's not "right" for you and you end up learning a hard (and good!) lesson.

Passion and desiring something combined with not feeling lack and trusting Universe to receive if it's meant to be, along with your combined passionate/harmonious action, leaves the door open to receive something really wonderful, positive and harmonious to your life.

Learn not be attached to your desires, and let "god"/Universe give you what's TRULY best for you, in the PERFECT way. Be it a person or thing, this is how it works, imho - Owen fox - ~

We are here.. still.. for now <3 APPRECIATE LIFE <3 This is our time. Other have gone before us. THIS is our time. RELISH IT. <3 ~ 

So many games being played. Games of fear, control, lies, deceit to onself and others and life.

Beyond nationality, place of birth, galaxy of birth, age, creed, belief, gender, label and everything else, you are just a living being of Life with changing energy. Don't get lost or distracted too much in falsehood; see the bigger truth and perspective, and this truth shall totally 100% set you free to live a FULL and full-on lovely life of freedom, joy, peace and original fun fulfilling creativity. Enjoy my friends. Be simple and sincere <3 - Owen

It's not about looking a certain way, or wearing certain clothes or none at all. It's not about belonging to a group, label or a click. None of that means anything or is important at all. What's true, and fundamental is the ENERGY which you TRULY are and embody. That's all and only. Simple as that. Be the light; you don't have to try pretend to be the light or a certain thing. Just be it. - Owen fox ~ ~ <3 thank you!

Don't wait to be starving to appreciate every meal. Don't wait to be freezing to appreciate every piece of warmth. Don't wait to be homeless to appreciate your home every day. Don't wait to be in great discomfort before appreciating all your comfort. Don't wait to be dying to appreciate your life. Don't wait to be in terrible pain to appreciate your daily pain free.

Don't wait to have lost your family, to appreciate them today and always. Don't wait to have no money to appreciate your bounty. Don't wait to have nothing, to appreciate all the things you own. Nothing you have or own is yours, it is all only borrowed, and will leave you some time, or when you pass on. Don't wait till then, to appreciate all that you have, and the gift of life

This is your time.... You are alive. You know loved one's and other souls who have passed back into the Spirit. THIS IS YOUR TIME. Now is your time. Don't be afraid to live. There's nothing to be afraid of or nobody to live in fear of displeasing. this is your time my friends <3 Live it up, and nor be afraid to die, because you never do, you only live without this body. I'm neither afraid of death , and nor do I want to be afraid of life. love, Owen <3 ~

I'm always up for BETTER GREATER HIGHER MORE ELEVATED EXPANDED FUN AND CREATIVE THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX experiences! :D <3 fine tuning, optimizing, and MAXIMIZING life, business, abundance, career, health, joy, love, connection, creativity and everything good! :D <3 woo! ~ 

Treat anger like happiness. It's just an emotion here to serve you, and be experienced, passing thru you. Don't cause harm with it tho. Love it and allow yourself (and others without harm) free reign with it <3 - Owen fox

I'm sure we could all do better, that's all I'm saying, me too every day in every way <3 Let's have compassion for ourselves, and us all. Love, Owen <3

It is wise to listen to others, yet it is imperative to ultimately decide ourselves, what is right for us, our heart, and our truth, and learn from our choices and mistakes, and take responsibility for our actions. Only we can live and govern our lives, and we must let all others to the same. An unwise person follows others, a wise person lives by their self understanding and truth <3 - 

Im still healing from various relationships in the past, and my heart is expanding as i do shed the tear(s) - Owen

Your life is all about you. It's YOUR spiritual soul journey. It's all about being and experiencing "You"........... Live it up, by being yourself up each day. Everything that happens is an opportunity to be your greatest version even more, in relation to everything and every challenge that occurs.

View everything as a lesson and as a blessing. Learn your lessons, and count your blessings <3 "God" works in mysterious ways.

When you make the breakthru, the lesson ends, be it big or small, and then a new one will appear in time, but there will also be more mixed lightness in your life with every breakthru <3 Fear is the biggest block to making breakthrus, both of the unknown, uncertainty and unstability of life, as well as many other fears we've collected along our lives. Love, Owen

Love, compassion, care, protection, nurture, building up, soothing, comforting, loving, nurturing............ of the wounded, sick or vulnerable. Let us love one another everyone, please. Thank you and namaste, this xmastime and SOLSTICE and new year <3 ~ This is what I'm all about, and live for, these virtues in ACTION. Consistent, predictable, solid. Confident, strong <3 ~ Love, compassion, care, protection, nurture, building up, soothing, comforting, loving, nurturing............ of the wounded, sick or vulnerable. Let us love one another everyone, please. Thank you and namaste, this xmastime and SOLSTICE and new year <3 ~ This is what I'm all about, and live for, these virtues in ACTION. Consistent, predictable, solid. Confident, strong <3 ~ 

It's not about 2 perfect people coming together, it's about how 2 people are perfect for each other at a given time in their lives. Love, Owen <3

We cannot know intellectually who is our best match, altho its great to know what we want, need and what is important to us, or matchable with us in a relationship. There is also an energetic match that is hard to describe, when we just "click" with someone, and feel comfortable, safe and happy in their presence <3 May we all be blessed this coming year and xmastime, love, Owen <3

I am willing to go out of my comfort zone to make my life "work" and flow, even in non mentally logical direction, because THAT IS LIFE!!! <3 ~ I trust "God"/Higher Powers fully, for knowing where and how to prompt and guide me, for my true Highest Good <3 I feel safe in Higher Powers' Hands, and my own Higher Selfs direction, living from heart and love, not fear or attachment <3 ~ Listening and seeing and paying attention to the signs. Being willing to follow Life's Grand calling for me <3 ~

As a human being, I still have some pain in me from the past. For what I have done, and what I have failed to do, or to understand, with people whom I have loved, especially. All I can do now, is to be as good as I can, not from guilt, but from choosing to be a more loving, compassionate, kind and conscious, caring, elevated being than how I used to be at that earlier developmental stage <3

I'm happy to talk about how I'm sad as to how I'm happy. When I cry, as to when I'm laughing. How I heal and shed layers, as to when I feel great. Life is both. yin and yang. Fast and slow. Growth and change. Life and "death". <3

People help us grow and heal. <3

"Acceptance" doesn't mean you have to do anything, but it can entail doing stuff, of course. Changing the way you speak, changing the way you feel towards somebody, changing your behavior that's negative, or intolerant.

Compassion wins the day. Think of the hurt they have had, and let your animosity melt, and allow tender loving care to permeate your heart and soul <3 This is a feeling of healing, the peace of release, not an action to stay in hazardous situations!

Once you start to "wake up"/ MATURE AND GROW UP :D ! ha, life doesn't suddenly becomes awesome, but it STARTS too at least, a bit more. Waking up means you start to SEE, acknowledge, admit to, and work at HEALING your baggage, wounds, traumas, hurts and false beliefs that are untrue and ruin life lol. Just being honest, blatant and sincere here with some fun/happiness/lightness thrown in. So the new of adventure of cleaning out your inner wardrobe starts, dusting the cobwebs, and finally also POLISHING your brown wooden innter furniture begins! It's fun, and good and leads to a happier life.

Unconscious means you pretend, blame, hide, suppress and stay a baby :P (Don't worry we all do or have done this lol! :D ) Don't wanna deal with anything and just fault find others and be really really selfish GENERALLY! I like to grow up no tho. We are all on different times and experiences in life <3 ~ Love, peace, compassion, empathy, true understanding thru listening and being truly open and HUMBLE and HONEST. - Thank you - Owen​

The physical world you could say IS 100% spiritual. Or really, they are totally intertwined and living a symbiotic relationship. The physical world is like the hard-drive; the physical matter, and the "spiritual" is the energy and programs which animate and spark things to happen thru inspiration, desire, passion, excitement, intentions and overall EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS. We need the "physical world" to live "spiritually". Like how we need our bodies here as the physical tool thru which our heart and spirit are expressed. So basically, it's both WHAT you do that is an expression of who and how you are inwardly, and it's also HOW you do things; the energy thru which you express the things you do.

This is the beauty of life; free will and you choose what to do and how to do things. This breaks down all of life and it the magic of diversity in the physical and energetical world we know, as well as the complete diversity of different souls choosing a different life to experience and create here in the world that we know, and thru-out all of the 3D universe and different densities also.

I find that being a grown up, mature, conscious person we must become OK with feeling temporarily "bad", as in allow our emotional healing arising from part traumas, instead of suppressing them or numbing them, distracting ourselves or lashing out on them, as well as temporary, uncomfortable, physical detox symptoms too. It's for our own good moving forward into the future. It's grown up and being responsible and an act of self love and love for all other beings in the Universe as we clean up our energy and body's also. We are all connected, afterall. Thank you for reading. Love, Owen <3

How we perceive is based on how blocked or unblocked our minds, hearts and chakras are, basically our whole energy, basically also called our "vibration". So it's all about healing and unblocking the blocks, so we see things clearly. Nobody is perfect at this, we're all learning, and we all come from different backgrounds, experiences and traumatic, very influential events.

The secret is to try our best think and feel in our hearts as clearly as possible, to be open to learning and HEALING, and to be humble. Otherwise we have a block that actually prevents us from unblocking ALL THE OTHER BLOCKS! It's like how you need money sometimes to make money, especially in many businesses. It's very important to have that primary thing right - of being open and humble to learning and healing in the first place. It's similarly like being able to have the water faucet open so the pent up pain and blockages can flow out and be released. If we keep that faucet closed, then we both stagnate and fester things into worse scenarios and can even get WORSE/go backwards instead of going forwards <3

Solution: Openness, seek to heal, be open to listen and learn, SELF EVALUATE AND SELF QUESTION. Self reflect, and LOOK AFTER YOURSELF in all areas of life to meet your many needs and to reduce stress and find positive people and environments for yourself.

And finally, please let us all have compassion for ourselves and one another. thanks for listening and I wish you truly the best day of self improvement. Love, Owen <3

We can pick flaws in people no matter how bad OR good they are, and similarly they can with us. We can all blow things out of proportion or misinterpret things, on our best days, and especially when we are tired, menses, or overall stressed or detoxing in life. We are all sensitive/wounded in some areas and compassion is the healing balm. Sometimes tho, boundaries or letting go is needed if people hold onto falsehood and are too closed to be willing to find the truth. I love everybody, and care for all's emotions and wellbeing. I never try hurt anyone, but rather soothe and heal. However I do make mistakes, but I try... It's up to each person to see and be open to knowing the truth, rather than our fixed flawed perception. This is one of My main jobs also, as a spiritual being. Cleaning up my own mind, heart and energy. Thank you. Namaste ~ Owen

Life is very challenging. Resultingly, I wish to extend now genuine compassion and soft love for everyone, for all their struggles and daily lessons that I know they can pass if they want to. We are loved and guided and our loved ones in spirit wants the best for you and helps us <3 Ask for help, pray and give thanks <3

Sometimes you just don't know what to do, and all you can do then is to pray, trust, and look at yourself and heal, and get on with your little day, and work at improving your life in any area heart emoticon Work on gratitude and connections heart emoticon ~ Love, O...

Work at improving your life a little every single day

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honesty wins! LOVE WINS!!!!!!!! POW!!!!!!!!

We all wish we knew the future and had more certainty but that's not how life works. It's an adventure the soul that we are opted in for. It'd be no fun and excitement and deep emotional experience if we knew it all <3 Love, Owen

We're all on the way out. We may as well leave our mark. OUR mark... Be ourselves and be fearless and trust the Heavens <3 ~ Love, Owen


Life is short and sweet, and bitter! It's everything and everything in between. what a fooking crazy adventure! lol. don't let fear stop you! It's all gona be over anyway before you know it so you may as well take a chance <3 - Love, Owen

Having an open heart for one person doesn't mean you have to have a closed heart and animosity towards another.

The unconscious behavior/person doesn't even know or WANT to know that they have a  blockage in their heart or mind. They vent and blame others instead, all the time they have an obstruction in their closed heart. They think it's the "other" person, not them. Conscious awakening means you start to acknowledge it's your issue, your block, and you work humbly and honorably to heal and sort yourself out, with love for all. This is a message for humanity, and us all <3

When people act messed up in some way or another, it's either because they are hurting and in pain, and usually also because they are confused and have obstructions in their mind, and heart. Understanding and compassion along with action/response from OUR own unobstructed heart and mind is the conscious response <3 ~

I think the most important thing in communicating is simply this: do so not as if people are the enemy or the thorn in your life and heart, but communicate from your heart, For people, and With people, as like your friend, because all humans are fighting a "hard battle" as Plato reminded us. Speak non confrontationally basically, and with the care for others lives, emotions, experiences, and mental, emotional and physical health and well being, and you will go far. Then I'd HIGHLY recommend Non Violent Communication online workshop by Marshall Rosenberg.

Often we make the simple ordinary moments of life to be meaningless, when really they are FULL of meaning, in many ways. We oversee or take the little acts of love, care and kindness we receive from others or see in strangers for granted. The little acts of love we see, share and receive are really THE MOST MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL AND HUGE moments of life. Once we recognize and FEEL these things, our heart blossoms and our whole life changes <3 ~ 

I feel sad to hear of killings, upset, hurt, pain and violence. These killings and suicides in Paris are tragic expressions of unmet needs of human beings crying out for something. We all are either saying "please" or "thank you". Most people do not how to communicate their needs and feelings, and instead resort to extremely tragic expressions which include judgment, criticisms, and eventually arguements, violence and even war. We can ALL have our needs met guys, we DON'T need to kill each other. We can empathize, and ALL can have their needs met, without anyone losing. Anyway, I'm genuinely sorry to hear of all the pain, and I hope everything will be resolved from the heart in care for other human beings. You can learn much more about this type of expression and communication here:, Love, Owen

Timing is everything. Sometimes it's better to say things more precisely or less, sometimes fully expressive for understanding. Pick your timing and "battles", and do so from love, heart and empathy and compassion to start off as best you can. We're all doing our best. Love one another and be their "friend", neither their enemy nor make them out to be an "enemy" in your mind either, that's coming from a closed heart chakra. Love is expansive, free feeling and healed. Judgment and incrimination is closed, contracted and hurts us, and others. Have a nice day! <3

In ANY decision, big or small, the only question you have to ask yourself is, "Is this a representation of how I am and who I wish to be upon this Earth at this time, while I'm alive? Will this honor my legacy and the memory of me when I pass? Will I rest and stand proud of who I am tmro and at the end of this lifetimes journey upon passing back again into the love of Spirit?" If you can say yes to all of these, do not fear appearing or being a certain way in the eyes of ANYBODY, just be yourself and be glad that you had the courage to be you 100%, ever expanding in every moment. Love, Owen

Your body is a reflection of your spirit and soul, your mental and emotional state of well-being, and it manifests last after these things as it's the most dense. The greater your mental and emotional clairty, the greater you will look after your body, and vica versa ~

I want us all to think lovingly from our hearts and be kind <3 Then we can work everything out. Think of how our behaviors affects others emotionally, and in their lives <3 

Thanks for being a very good person and trying hard. <3

For me, positivity = accurate focus. Clear thinking. Not denying upset, pain or hurt. It's accurate thinking alongside the pain to help heal and understand the pain. Keeping perspective and channels open for peace, love, appreciation and ENERGY and EMOTIONS to flow. It's about circulation. That's how the cosmos and natural world works, same with the physical body, emotional body and life itself too. Perpetual motion in natural unimpeded rhythm ~

If we put ourselves in each others shoes, we will have more love tenderness and compassion <3 :) 

If you want top performance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then eat foods that do not cause mucus reaction and congestion in your body. What are they? Fruits and green leaves. Nuts and seeds are ok but not optimal, and do cause congestion and are much much heavier. Not bad, but not optimal. Good in some ways. However, leaves are bursting with "protein"/ amino acids, and countless minerals, chlorophyll and nutrients, and fruits are bursting with many great things too. Heal your body with these. Optimize your life!!! POWERRRRRRR!

I've decided to live like how I used to before; Live in the spirit of Christmas every day, and each day my, and everyone else's birthday. It helps me remember how special I am, and each person is, and each day and moment is <3 Don't take those you love for granted, yourself, or being alive each new, fresh day <3 Thank you and namaste - Owen..

In the sticky paths of life, we stumble and get stuck, however, it is honey and we're never stuck forever. Each moment of stickness and stuckness, we are slowly being drenched more and more by perfection and marinating for greater things to come <3 This goes for all of us. There are no mistakes or lost time, and there most certainly is no failure. It's all spiritually PERFECT <3

Whatever you bring meaning to, and make special and sacred, and do mindfully and gratefully, will bring you far more happiness, and extra fulfillment, peace and enjoyment.  - Owen fox <3 ~ Make "ordinary" moments special.

When you're feel off, it's hard sometimes to think of other people's lives. But we must if we want to remain in our hearts. Think of them. Their feelings. Their wishes. Their hardship, hurt and pain, and their aspirations. View them as a friend with feelings, not an enemy. Love and care for them. Open yourself to tenderness and compassion again. Do this for yourself, for doing this opens your heart more to how you truly naturally are without the blocks <3 Namaste, love and peace - Owen ~

When we insinuate wrong doing onto others, we do generally cause division and conflict and even violence. Deeper is connecting by talking about our feeling/emotions, our needs, and our wishes/what we would like. This is the crunch of the matter. The crux, the deeper AND practical issues. These are the SOLUTIONS and the UNDERSTANDING too. Similarly we can ask others about their feelings, needs and wishes and this creates unity, understanding and peaceful resolutions, as we're not focusing on name calling, giving out, wrong doing insinuating, blaming or the actual problem.... It helps open our and other people's hearts in unity and shared feelings and commonalities of emotions, needs and "would likes". Remember this!

Anything we think about we feed. and it grows bigger generally into more thoughts (and thus energy and EMOTIONS) of the same kind. It's a VERY slippery slope of creating more and more negative feeling thoughts, or we can learn and practice creative powerful thinking of generating hope, good feelings, peace in our hearts and joy even. It's simply a mental habit, and a practice we can implement over and over again in our lives until we stop that slippery slope of doom and gloom of getting lost in thoughts that disempower, disturb and disconnect us from our own natural higher being. Enjoy life's gifts by thinking carefully, and deliberately- Owen fox <3 ~

I'm not a "serious" teacher at all (Altho in my HEART I am); I'm a zesty, vibrant, colorful madman who surfs the tall crashing wave of physical life in the ocean of spirituality! <3 WOHOO! Fun fun fun! Heal heal heal! Soar soar SOAR! no holds barred! - Owen fox <3 ~

Think OPTIMISTICALLY AND HOPEFULLY, AND, POSITIVELY!! Not doom and gloom, pessamistically or negatively! If you do, I'll KICK YOUR MOFO ASS!!! :P :D hahaha, just trying to help! I'm a love warrior hooligan! hahaha :D

Children move, walk around, roll, play, go to different parts of the room or garden. They makes noises and sounds. They laugh and do weird stuff sometimes :P lol! Adults sit inthe same place, dont move, stick to routines and hardly venture forth into new places even in their own home, and they don't roll, get dirty, or makes as many noises, sounds or have as much fun! Which one are you? I want to be more like the child, but with my adult wisdom also. Synopsis: MOVE, MOTION. Not living in a body and voice drenched still by concrete! I PROMISE you a happier life is you just move more and make more sounds ~

We keep creating ourselves in every moment, afRESH, and then we choose to do something based on who we choose to be! That's life, and the meaning of life, and expansion right there in perpetual motion! Get excited about this and your life! You are FREE in every moment, and endless opportunities abound! You are a Divine Living Creator!

Today, my intention is to feel and extract as much peace, love & joy, happiness and gratitude from my life and every situation, and live from my tender hear t of compassion and love for all people, and all living Beings. Truly. I mean every word - Owen

In any action, words or writing you chose to make or not make, ask yourself this in deciding what to do or not to do: Does this decision represent me? Is this who I am? Is this who I want to be and the legacy and memory I would be happy to leave behind? Is this a declaration of who I am? If you can answer yes, and let go of fear, then you will know PRECISELY what to do and feel 100% comfortable with it, no matter how silly, unusual, unconventional or unexpected it may be, or who else does  these things. We are free creative, original beings <3 LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

Emotions are never negative, as in "bad" or "wrong". They only have different vibrations and all emotions are worthwhile having and come up to serve or teach us something. Honor, love and learn from your emotions, and you will find you will naturally love and honor everyone else's then too.

Abraham-Ester Hicks teach about putting a positive spin on things. However this is most good when we're used to putting a NEGATIVE spin on things, and dwelling. Therefore it balances up. However, the harm and danger in putting an excessive positive spin on things is it means we can end up putting up with crap in our lives, and we don't take decisive action to change things. We therefore end up staying stuck in negative situations and with negative people as a result. This is harmful and not a good thing.

It's very important also tho to make sure we're not also being negative to start out with, such as being unappreciative, taking people or things for granted, or overall having many limiting or negative beliefs and thoughts, generally. Synopsis: Inner work and change without being too complacent about energy matches!

If there isn't an obvious straightforward way around things, think outside of the box, and do something creative or work with a tangent to reach your goal. Don't let non-straightwardness stop your true hearts desire. However if it's just an ego desire, often the universe may deliberately not work with you as it's simply not your true hearts alignment. Be CREATIVE!

If "food" is something nourishing and life energizing, sustaining and promoting, then air, sunlight, positive vibrations and love are all a form of food that keeps up alive. People don't breathe enough and rely too much on physical heavy food, rather than lighter vibrations. Im reminding you now to BREATHE deep, and move your body and get natural energies, including nature and lots of fresh air! Love, Owen 

We need to know what's too much or too little! That's how we juggle, understand and maximise our lives. 25-Oct-2015

Honor people's physical life, age and what they've gone thru, every bit as much as their divine self, for their physical temporary life IS a divine expression of the Divinity that they are. Love and cherish and celebrate BOTH 100% !!!! <3

We shouldn't just let things mindlessly drop into our stomachs. Our holy body temples. We should Chew things perfectly well first and savor the tastes and textures of real, healthy food in gratitude <3 23-Oct-15

Sometimes it's hard, and I get tired, or I forget, or get distracted, but I want to NAIL my life! <3 I'm thankful to be alive. God/Universe created challenges, but for every problem, Source also made the solution. Good nite all, Love, Owen ... 23-Oct-2015

I don't wanna be afraid of anyone's opinion or attention anymore. I want to live unselfconsciously like the children, like how Jesus also said. Live like children, to a point with conscious maturity also, and live like nobody is watching!! Peace, love, light and true freedom like this, to all who want it <3 Thank you, and namaste ~

I vow to do my best to never speak tersely or meanly to anyone I'm in a relationship with ever again in my life. My intention is to be as loving, attentive and caring truly and deeply as possible. I never wanna either mess with, or help to hurt another person, especially those close to me whom I'm "involved" with. I want to be pure and bright, and nurture all tenderly and lovingly <3 - 

This post is not about avoiding anything other than being conscious of expressing negativity too easily or being unpure/unhealed or carelessly negative for too long or expressing it too easily on others. THIS POST IS ABOUT HAVING A TENDER LOVING COMPASSIONATE ATTENTIVE HEART. Basically. I love expression, I'm just careful of how i do it basically and wish to reopen my heart BIG asap and think of other peoples experiences with me, not that i coddle anyone, i truly don't. i let people learn lessons and grow but i don't try "give it to them the hard way" either just because i can or at too lazy to take responsibility for my own "stuff" and feelings first.

When people serve their purpose in another's life, they leave. Some people are lifetime purpose servers, others are only more temporary.

Attachment in relationships and certainty in LIFE??! When people serve their purpose in another's life, they leave. Some people are lifetime purpose servers, others are only more temporary. Doesn't matter ultimately. Just be chill about it. So it boils down to how can i be happy and well Today. Cause it's not about tmro ultimately cause tmro always arrives as today anyway, and then now even moreso. Do what makes you feel great with integrity. Self joy and self love!

Its' only when you are free to say no can you be free to actually say "yes". This is freedom. Without the two options, either doesn't exist.

I feel we can only REALLY have the best relationship if we're free to enter and be in one, or leave it. Otherwise there's too much attachment and neediness from unhealed wounds and stifled energy which will block optimal prosperity!

If you said THANK YOU tens times extra per day, you're whole life would change.

Leave YOUR IMPRINT on the world. Be ORIGINAL in EVERY way. You are UNIQUE!!! This is your GIFT!!! Don't fall into old blueprints of what OTHERS made. That was THEIR time. THIS is YOUR time!!!! There are no "rules"

Jesus was not a christian nor did he try start Christianity, just love and good vibrations! simple as that! potential we ALL have he even said it! What an epic being he was tho , eh!! :D Love him!!!!

Measure each day by how much you've loved, laughed, let loose, been unselfconscious and been true to yourself!

DARE to look stupid!! 

I believe each day we should do something ridiculous, slightly wild, weird or out of the ordinary, mindfully LET LOOSE with our untamed emotions rather than stifling or holding things in, and just be fully living from our untamed hearts and innocence basically, oh and PLAY and LAUGH as much as we can and share love! Then we have DARED live FULLY and truly lived!!!!!!!!!

Compliment the complimenter. Love the lover. Care for the care-giver.

Lose yourself in life. In positive and "negative" emotion. Let loose and don't hold back, only this way can you not regret and say you've lived life to the fullest.

Unconditional love doesn't mean being untruthful or withholding truth that you can't say what you don't like about someone's behavior or wish for them to improve in or change. No matter what, love or not, we're all entitled to our emotions and wishes. However, with love, there is a cushion and care to fall back on and that can be included at times also. <3

It's positive to praise yourself if done from love and truthful recognition of your brilliance, positive traits and beauty. It's different when it's born from ego ideas of being better or above (or below) others. We weren't taught this but it's true. Similarly it's ok in the same truthful recognition to say you have areas of growth or made mistakes. You don't have to ATTACH to anything. When it's ego, you take your temporary fearful isolated identity out of things, both the positive traits you feel about yourself, and the perceived negative. BE FREE! SPEAK THE TRUTH AND PRAISE YOURSELF AND OTHERS IN LOVE!! <3

LOVE one another please, TRULY. It's YOUR gift and joy to BE that primarily before you SHARE it to the blessed receiver 

Let us savor the gift of life that we have in the PEOPLE in it at this moment. ALL of them   ALL.......... The teachers too. The passers thru too... X

Saying sorry is very good. We don't have to say sorry like we're BAD people but moreso to try make amends, help closure and healing, and show we acknowledge our mistakes, and will learn from them and go FORWARD. The receiver mustn't see it as a sign of weakness, but rather STRENGTH, and GRACIOUSLY accept the positive energy and open heart, without abusing the sorry giver, or using it to gain advantage or control. I ask we all be loving, kind, gentle, humble and open, and understand one another. It's best in most circumstances when warranted, then BOTH parties say sorry for non OPTIMAL or non PERFECT behavior. Anything whatsoever. Love, Owen <3

You never know when anyone you love or yourself might go. I don't wanna miss a thing. I want to savor every single second in gracious thanksgiving and deepest heart felt gratitude and cherishment and creative celebration to the max

Be CHOOSY with who you allow in and allow to stay in your life!!!!!!!!!! Say NO to not 95-100% people, and say YES to super positive loving, kind, good awesome people who are true and genuine. And BE that yourself thru healing, letting go and expansion!

Im awesome! In a world where we're told we're crap, saying you're seems weird?? WE'RE ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY YOURSELF UP AND CELEBRATE YOURSELF AND*** OTHERS MORE! It's true. We're all jewels!! The truth feels GREAT to say, hear , share and listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so much nicer to love than to hate (for all) -

We can either think good thoughts about people, or bad thoughts. We don't have to pretend certain negative things didn't exist in the past, but we can choose to focus on the good in that person and their previous well, centered, positive behavior that represents how they TRULY are in life, and feel good heartiness and love towards them from THERE!!!!!! NOW THAT'S MAGIC RIGHT THERE & THAT'S POWER AND FREEDOM! :D WOHOO!

Your vibration becomes higher when you cleanse and heal your body thru fasting or other things like raw foods, herbs, superfoods, breathing, exercise, enemas, lemon juice, juice feasting, juicing etc. Don't neglect your body temple! Nor your SPIRIT thru things you LOVE and laughter, love and kindness! <3

SELF JOY AND SELF LOVE is what its ALL about.
Primary us, then share and serve the world. BOTTOM LINE' ***WE'RE*** WORTH IT!. Then we teach by positive example others what self joy and self love are all about. Are you NURTURING you maximum joy and self love levels daily?

Despite what some teachings harp on about, It's MORE THAN OK to say no to stuff and talk about what you don't like or want. Just don't LIVE there forever in negativity or missing the spiritual significance of the things you don't like or want in life or that exist in the "game" of life. THEN create your dreams and visions and talk about what you LOVE AND WANT afterwards, after getting some energy out of your system!!! :D


I dont wanna sabotage my life or play games. I'm serious about self love and self joy and creating the life that I dream of because I KNOW I deserve it!!!!!!!

Humans make people out to be saints to be honest. Idolization. Self lowering also cause we don't recognize and especially OWN OUR self awesomeness and self worth so we pin it on "this other perfect person". Be your own saint. Your own self autonomous, self leading, self PURIFYING DAILY Divine being in human life and it's as simple as that. That's how you become more "saintly" and more of who you have the capability to become <3

You have to question convention, you have to step outside of the box, and you have to willing to be "different". You have to face your demons, your fears, and face modern bullshiit and unhealthy things and lies, and "stand out" to a degree. You got to be courageous!!! Only then can you become the saint that you naturally and innately are deepest down, thriving in joy, peace, love and creativity of the most abundant highest proportions! :D <3

I personally feel saintly, to make this post more personal. I feel full of love and compassion, peace and much joy, and yes I am still and always will be, on my journey of expansion and growth and new inspired creative ideas to make up as I go along! :D <3

It's good to say fuck or other words when you're frustrated cause it moves energy and allows healing and release. It's stupid (very loosely using this word, as in unwise) to stifle yourself due to a limiting false belief that a word all by ITSELF is bad, (which it is not). Be FREE. Be changing, and honor your changing energy and heal without causing harm <3 Love, Owen Fox​

"Talking about problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys".


It's good to talk about problems too. the deeper truth is about BALANCE. "a problem shared can be a problem halved" but just not to stew and remain in it forever and not see spiritual significance and hence the opportunity and GIFT involved in it. So it's fine balance and knowing thyself. Overall tho MUCH NICER to talk MUUUUUUUUUUUCH MORE about what Excites you (and spiritually/physically PROPELS your forward in life) and what you love, like and are grateful for   :)


Most of us dont see this tho and hence stew and miss gift, and thus where this picture comes from!   :D hahaha <3

You can't get any more than being Universal cause that's the biggest grandest thing. To be limited to just your upbringing, culture, ROAd, street, HOUSE, (any limitations or box), country, continent, of course, is well, LIMITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hELLO??!! :P :D hahahaha

I'm natural. And naked. I think we should al lmake time to be naked each day. And get some fire /sun energy and some water therapy/energy too, as well as exercise in the FRESH AIR and nature. MOVE OUR BODIES. If you don't manage your life very carefully, you'll be left behind from joy, happiness health and wellbeing on ALL levels. It's up to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUUUUUU************************ DO IT! <3

My goal in life right now is EXTREMELY SIMPLE; To be the Best that I can be, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. To THRIVE, glow, radiate, SUCCEED and to help others be and do the same. To be MY best, the best that I personally can be. To be my whole FULL self 100%, no holds barred! To be FIT, strong, healthy, vital and vigorous, in every part of my life. Family, relationships, romance, business, career, creativity. Everything. I'm DEAD serious about LIFE, and about LIVING it to the MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWER! POW!! I'm also getting a bit more raunchy and exuberantly expressive!! :P :D hahahaa <3 ;) Sure why not!!! :P

It's good to REGULARLY test and challenge our comfort zones in any or all ways. Expand ourselves and experience, fun and excitement, fear, or overcoming our fears/limitations! It's fun to be bold and brazen!! :D <3 - !

Honor, love and express your sexual nature folks. It's GOOD. Do it consciously and with love and even simple sheer excitement and fun! 

Many people go "inward" but you can do so way too much, to the neglect and abandonment of the beautiful "outer" world, life, things and relationships. Dreams, goals, EXCITING TRUE HEART ideas and desires! Life isn't a "stay at home" game. Its a challenging one that expands and pushes us forward, at least many of the souls alive today. We can't be afraid. You can also see most people too much in the "outer" and not enough in the inner. The true mastery is COMBINING and integrating BOTH the spiritual and the physical, the inner and the outer, together, in awesome bright sparks and flashing fireworks!!! : D We are BODY MIND SPIRIT tri-fold beings, not just one or the other!

What would you do if you weren't afraid, that is the question.

Because I love myself properly in actual ACTION, today I a number of healthy things: I had raw foods only for breakfast. I massaged myself a bit. Picked apples from under the tree to eat, took herbs to support and strengthen my body as well as green superfood (check my shop to support me and my good cause!), made a green smoothie with WILD free stuff from my garden again like mint, dandelion leaves and flowers, plantain, sow thistle and dock, did an enema with my Auryn and took my Orin also. It's almost impossible to beat that. I also did vigorous skin brushing after the shower before the massage, and also did some things to help others and be of service in life. NOW WHAT ABOUT THAT?!! :D <3


I will NOT let addiction to unhealthy substances, food or people beat me!!! I CHOOSE HEALTH, JOY AND FREEDOM!

Fit and healthy is the way to go! It's respectful to our body temple/forest! <3

There is no moment in life worth more than another moment. Savor it all.

"If you are not happy within, then nothing from outside can make you happy. Because you can create happiness only by expanding your consciousness."

~Rita Soman

Owen: I must say tho we really must also MAKE DECISIONS in our life to be healthy in all ways, regardless of how "happy" or content or accepting we are on the inside. its TRULY BOTH. Too many ppl talk about just the inner, and so many "world" people talk about the outer. its BOTH. ive done both to the extreme. Now i KNOW its a clever and balanced wise mixture.

Best imo is to focus on Both at the same time ; inner and outer, get healthy fit and strong and take actions in all areas of your life towards your dreams and true heart desires but ABSOLUTELY also focus heavily on the inner clearing and healing and clarifying, get "toned" and "fit" and healthy on the inside and wash away all the illusions (faulty thinking and false delusional beliefs/thinking etc). Then you will SOARRRRRRRRRRRR!  


It's better imo to face ones fears and seek healing rather than stay in uncomfortable comfort zones, and thus then get a ROCKING relationship and LIFE!! I know it sucks facing fears but we got be grown and be brave. there are healers and support. Blessings love gratitude and namaste <3 Owen 

Bad" or "negative" news and happenings in our lives are not bad. They are a part of our and everyone's life. It's part of the game/board game here of the SOUL. This is more the dream. But physically, temporarily and worldy speaking, it's good to be real, naked, raw and honest, with those you can trust to respect that information, and to love and support you. "A problem shared" truly is a problem a "halved". Enjoy ALL aspects of life or at least be honorably comfortable with it, "warts and all"....

No "have to's"; only choices

Ego = low maturity/development. Simple as that basically. Very very simple and not confusing explaining it that way. Nothing personal simply seeing things how they are. We all grow and it's easy to have understanding and compassion on us and all this way. We're all the "same" growers 

Body purity and vitality totally supports and enhances spirituality. We are tri-fold beings of body-mind and spirit!

A good ( BEST!!) way to weed out pEOple who are not your match as friends or for romance = be yourself 100%. don't fake, hold back, hide, pretend. This is a disservice to YOU, them and especially yourself and your future. BE BOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RRAR!!! :D <3


Whenever you eat, drink... breathe... look, see... listen, hear.. feel....... LIVE, move! connect! interact... <3 you should give thanks, and FEEL gratitude right down into the depths of your heart, bones and soul.............. <3 WE ARE **SO** LUCKY AND BLESSED. I feel so glad to be alive and to feel what i feel and have what I have...

God's calling for you is really just your OWN HIGHEST TRUTH/HIGHER SELF's calling to your human self. Listen to your heart and deepest inner truths you will know the way. You are a creator, not an actor of something or someone else, and we ALL and every thing, IS, "God" or Spirit/Universe anyway :) <3

Religion and Spirit/God/Source are 2 different things completely! We are fully connected to spirit, "God" and spirituality without religion, and religions have tended to try control and suppress us actually, in truth. No offense, but just be careful of stories and things that may hinder or stunt you. Respect to the TRUTHS in religions however so don't think I'm bashing religion itself, I am not. I'm bashing falsehood and CARING for people, Thank you!

"Kids" (immature adults that run riot) need to be put in their place by ADULTS (more mature conscious human beings). Don't take bullshiit from anyone, including kids or guilt trippers. Too many naive and gullible good souls around being manipulated and tricked into losing their joy and happiness and health by immature people who just want THEIR way SELFISHLY. I know people like this personally folks and have worked with various clients of the exact same kind. Learn your lessons!!! Be STRONG, CLEAR AND AUTHORITATIVE.

If you don't manage and run your life, someone else will for you, and it aint gona be pretty generally with all these predators and unconsciously very selfish people around who are still very immature growth wise speaking. This is ESPECIALLY true for women but also for men. PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN. Better to go overboard in protecting yourself and relax little later than keep OLD PATTERNS of people pleasing, believing naively and not wanting to disappoint others than to get duped and used, exploited or hurt AGAIN. Make a stand and be firm and direct!!!

ENORMOUS HEALTH TIP: Whatever you eat, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, eat a lot of greens with them, and also make sure you've had enough liquid, water, orin. Do these 2 things, and your health and bathroom visits with SKYROCKET. You'll soften everything unhealthy and boost everything healthy. Love, Owen <3

We are all immature and mature to a degree. we are all wise and unwise to a degree. We are all light and heavy or dark to a degree. We are all "free" and not free to a degree. we are all "the same" to a very strong degree. We are all intelligent to a point or to a degree. We are all "right" and "wrong" to a degree. Don't create separations, create and know we are bonded and so incredibly similar, all on our paths, with much humble learning, growing and teaching!/sharing to do also. We all have our strong points and our blind or weak areas also. So stay humble, open and a keen learner for optimal results imho is my suggestion! Love, light & gratitude, Owen

"God" being this man in the clouds who is vengeful, created a hell? Even tho all spiritual eleveated beings in physical or non physical and religious books tell u generalyl god is also GOOD? ROFL!!!!!!!

Moronicus silly beliefs like children believing in santa coming down chimneys! yes that and also gr8 wisdom and love too in religious books but they are OLD DATED BOOKS ALSO GUYS!, but lets see the bullcrap also!!! fcku sake! lolllllllllll desperate ppl clutching at straws i understand that seeking healthier way out than drugs. Compassion n love for that.

But then to get lost and stuck in them defeats a purpose too. <3 I dont mind CHALLENGING limiting belief systems that perpetuate also alot of judgment, limitation on the self, so many hippocrites in religion who talk about god love or this or that than say or do very non hearty negative things to one another. Wake up, GROW UP ESPECIALLY and get your brain cap ON. dont be a robot who believes everything, more like a baby like i said, humans are juvenile mostly at this time on THIS planet.... many are waking up, so ENJOY and listen to people who LIVE what they say as TALK IS CHEAP! <3 No offense meant to be given. Feel openness and love is my commandment to thee! <3 :P (ha humor also is gods/universes best friend!!)

People when not put in their place/ and have CLEAR boundaries with you, will try take advantage of you generally speaking, because most people aren't striving hard to be of the purest, kindest, highest most bright path of best love, integrity, honesty and other good noble things. 

Just more fun and lightness instead of heaviness and seriousness!!! Let lose a bit and don't take life too seriously or fearfully!

I don't like when ppl try abuse, use or cheat or disrespect or take advantage of ppl.

good to be strong
not "nice"
be serious
serious. firm.

even appear insensitive
its better than weak, walkover, gullible, naive
too soft. 

You choose who you want to be, just like you choose what you want in life. YOU CHOOSE.

Don't entertain nonsense, bullshit, or negativity! Don't play "all nice" either. Call a spade a spade, acknowledge the negative, and live from the empowered and REAL (emotions) more than "positive outlook"

I like BLOWING convention OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love is thicker than blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM!! :D "Owen, you look shining, radiant, peaceful, happy, and super healthy!! :)"

"You never cease to amaze me Owen!! Keep it going!! :D" That's because im AWESOME! Just like YOU and ALL of us! <3

Not trying to sound mean, but people should ideally have to "earn" our good positive company by being kind themselves. That doesn't mean they need to be "happy" as often we/people are upset, sad or stressed and this can elicit love and compassion, but if someone is a downer, criticiser or just generally negative, unkind (or even nasty), then we should definitely consider our decisions on who we spend ANY time with. Heal and learn ourselves of course too in every single way. We create our ENTIRE life by daily decisions!

One of my own teachings and declarations is that there are NO RULES. We ARE FREE and FLEXIBLE. We are infinitely free. We are not bound to our previous choice, our past, a box or a confinement. We can sit wherever we want just like a cat, we can be HONEST, we can honor ourselves in any given changing moment. We can take back what we may have "given", and if we failed to give before, then we can give now!!! ENJOY AND HAVE FUN FROM THE HEART FOLKS! Life's not as serious as we make it out to be, nor as black or white, nor as "good" or "bad"! <3 We don't have a fixed mission nor a purpose to our lives, other than to live and to CREATE, MAKING IT UP BY THE SEAT OF OUR PANTS AS WE GO ALONG, we CHOOSE what is meaningful and purposeful to US, in EVERY moment!!! That's THE BEAUTY of it!!!!!!! So we cannot "fail" or succeed at life, we are absolved from that kind of judgment!!! Pow!! <3 ~ Owen Fox

We can all be a powerful, unstoppable, good, fearless, positive, empowering, not walking on eggshells too much example to others from LOVE and healthy grounded spiritual power in this world <3 "I am glad I am strong enough to stop negativity in its tracks and only attract love and positivity nowadays. Wonderful. :D ;) Thanks "love" for showing me this. <3 <3 <3".... So please be YOU folks in all your love and might ok, don't play small or weak or meek and BE HAPPY by looking after yourself in ALL healthy positive ways! Body, mind, spirit, emotions!

Educating ourselves a bit/enough about mad stuff is empowering and positive. Dwelling and getting down is disempowering and negative. Putting head in sand is babyish, immature and juvenile. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and make positive healthy change folks. Not phucked up stuff that phucks up the planet, our holy bodies and our children (without even trying to learn or make positive changes ever). CHOOSE WISELY IN LIFE, it's not a dress rehearsel and we are WORTH loving and worth LIVING <3 thanks!!!

I want to remind you all of the importance of LOVE everyone. Don't settle for people being mean, and please YOU don't be mean or have a closed heard either. OPEN AND HEAL IT. It's YOUR GREATEST GIFT, really it's simply who you are beyond the hurt, pain, lies, confusion and falsehood. LOVE feels amazing. Get yourself as JOYFUL and healthy and happy as possible my friends, reach out and reach up to the stars, and MAKE your life, ask and you shall receive. Do your part and "god" will do the other part! you got to do your part tho! Hopes for a lovely day for you, amidst learning and growing and unexpected things also to keep life fun. Love, and in gratitude,

One step is clearing up heart chakra blocks so you no longer resent or harbor ill-feelings. Then there's another step seeing the crown chakra/spiritual reasons and Divine perfection for things, thus actually then being GRATEFUL AND THANKSGIVING for your past. So this is the next stage. Love, Owen

Dense, dehydrated food sedates and blocks you. Light, water-rich food awakes and enlivens you, and cleanses.

Spiritual = REAL

We are beings of love and NATURAL JOYFUL HIGH. It's only daily cloudy and addictive behavior/decisions that constantly lower our light-shine-bulb fragrance.

It takes courage to show, and to feel, your emotions <3

It's actually very good to get triggered, in any way, by any means, by any unexpected format, because it shows you an area that needs healing and tending to. Welcome being emotionally flustered.

How happy and healthy you are is simply a reflection of your own self-love choices and life decisions that you make in life, daily; body, mind, spirit, emotional self care and nurture. What you say "Yes" to, and what you say "No" to. What you  allow in or to stay that's negative in any way (people, places/environments and things) and what you invite in, seek and allow to stay that's positive in any way. It also involves healing and clearing all chakras, from the base physical ones, to the higher "spiritual" ones. It's all self love.

Decisions flow from inner work and inner change, and inner growth, healing and letting go... When one door closes, another door opens. You need to close one door. When you let go, you open up a vacuum, a space, for God or your Higher Self, or Source or Spirit to give you what you are then ready for in the next stage of your life. We NEED to be READY to get the next stage of our life. The positive thing. We need to heal our fears, our wounds, our traumas, our childhood traumas and wounds and hurts and pains and aches and conditioning, and programming and limited thoughts, limitations, limited self concepts about ourselves, FALSE thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, our own self image, and So much of this stuff we pick up thru our childhood. It's like a magnet; if your magnet is full of metal chips or nails, you don't have room to attract a GOLDEN COIN, like something BEAUTIFUL like let's say an amazing partner in your life, or something really really really really joyful and positive that makes your heart sing and burst and bulge!!!


Acceptance is a feeling of the Heart. It is not an action of being complacent outwardly in the real physical world.

It's amazing what can happen when we learn our lessons, let go of what doesn't serve, face our fears and the unknown/attachments too, and trust, pray and be open to our true heart felt desires. Truly <3 THANK YOU & LOTS OF LOVE! Owen!

I'm not "religious" at all but I gota say I REALLY do love Jesus' channeled messages they REALLY resonate with me and my heart. He is only ONE master, there are countless angels, masters and elevated beings who are CONSTANTLY there for us to pray to or ask for help, including our guides and spirit family heart emoticon Don't restrict yourself, and ask and you shall receive help, love and guidance <3

Yeah don't worry :) <3 You will be ok. You ARE ok! Just be gentle on yourself and love all parts of yourself ok <3 We all have our blemishes etc and growing points, all of us.

My life changed when I said solidly and strongly, that I'm NO LONGER going to put up with ANY negative energy coming my way repetitively from people (or even AT ALL). I took a stand, and faced the fear of the unknown and "uncomfortable", and everything turned about amazingly.

Lets all share REAL (mature, healed, healthy, balanced) love with one another <3

My goal in life right now is to become more authentic, more fearless, more vulnerable, more emotional, more emotionally expressive, more mature, more responsible, more balanced, more productive/creative, and more healthier and happier and joyful and well in ALL ways. Thank you! Namaste! Owen <3

We must not let ourselves be directed by others, but find our own Higher Self Direction, all by Ourselves <3

It is ESSENTIAL in maturing and evolving as an empowered Divine human being to get comfortable with disappointing others, and saying "no". Excessive infatuation with roles, duty and responsibility and the needs of others, to the neglect and suppression of your own true authentic self, leads to disaster, disharmony, dysfunction and disease. We must not be a people's pleaser. We must look after ourselves in ALL ways; body, mind and spirit, and emotionally too. THIS is for the GOOD of all, as we then set a positive example and become a positive role model of self love in ACTION. We will teach our children, and teach others around us how to be a healthy Divine, empowered human being who is joyful and satisfied, purposeful and most surely also attractive and magnetic in life as a bonus!
Love and care, Owen

Women need to not do things out of guilt or fear of disappointing others. This is unhealthy. This goes for all people <3

All is well, and i appreciate all parts of LIFe, and Existence. Both the "good" and the "bad", the light and the dark. the joy and the pain. the pretty and the ugly. The anger and the peacefulness. <3 <3 <3

Where there's knowledge and a will and Divine guidance (which there always is), there's a way.

Life is a playground of creation and experience and exploration and adventure of the soul. Nothing happens by accident, including "bad" things, and we are beingguided and loved, and have free will mixed in with a degree of destiny that is fully flexible imho on this last part. They say our experiences are given to us by our higher selves for our greatest good. Relax into life, learn and grow from every experience and reach for higher levels than you were on before and synchronicities will abound and new opportunities will appear.

I am God/Divinity in Being and Action. I am AMAZING AND FULL OF JOY AND LOVE TRULY, and so are we ALL.

I am "child of the divine". I'm not afraid to show myself and i will not play small.

It feels TRULY AMAZING to be LOVED deeply, cherished deeply... Appreciated enormously.. It's magical. And when YOU are capable of that love, and it is freely and abundantly given between you and another/others, the whole world lights up <3

Wish there were more loving-full people in the world? Well Yes, but we'll just do that ourselves, self love most important, self joy, and then share that and hang out with like minded people as closest friends etc <3 XXX Thanks again for your light sharing everyone, it always warms my heart and much appreciated for real. XX hug to all your lovers of me and loving people out there! Have a blessed day <3

It is not positive to lord over or boss anyone around. Be it your children of any age, young or adult, or anyone else. There are MUCH MORE HEALTHY AND EMPOWERED CONNECTIVE WAYS TO LIVE. The other previous things are very negative controlling, unhealthy energy to both give or to exemplify. I will never do these things with my children, nor do I need to have children to know this wisdom. By the way, it's not good to Lord over or Boss ANYONE, be it young children, old people, animals, anyone vulnerable or weak or disabled etc. <3

I feel we all need to know who we are, what we need, what is best for us, and what's going on, rather than giving away our power or investing TOO MUCH trust in others. we need what I said, and also obviously listen and learn from others but do it ourselves basically from a place of "what resonates" and makes sense to US.

It's no so much other's negativity that hurts you but your negativity towards them. However, I'm not suggesting you stay around negative energies as they are hardly fun, healing, supportive or nurturing, but do know not to become negative yourself <3 that's signing your power away. - Owen fox

Don't play small. Know your sovereignty and rights. Don't be afraid. Take responsibility but also don't own other people's stuff. And always live with love and compassion <3

How people (and we ourselves) perceive is a reflection of them. If you are truly not causing any harm, or truly not embodying negative energy, and someone is negatively perceiving you or being negative themselves, do not take that on board your energy. Do not take that personally as if you are to blame or responsible. Keep your positive energy and be of love and compassion <3

BE RIGHTEOUS. BE STRONG. STAND UP FOR INTEGRITY AND TRUTH AND LOVE. <3 (With love itself and pure positive harmonic, crystalline energy)

You know what is right for you when it FEELS RIGhT. That's the end of it. Do that. ~ Owen fox

It's ironic that focusing on "the now" also means possibly thinking about the future which happens in the now also. So it's not one way or the other. 

No matter WHAT the problem! Don't worry!! It'll pass! Be patient! Pray and make the most of what you got. Just keep plugging away ~ <3 XXX Love, O

Positive vibes bring out the best in other people. The opposite is generally true also.

I've found the simplest and best way to live (for me at least) is to treat others as carefully, thoughtfully, kind, and conscientiously as I myself would actually like them to treat me, and behave with me. It's a masterful approach really, that brings huge inner peace, as well as obviously avoids arguments, fixes arguments, and creates happier and more positive relationships. It tunes you into the LOVE THAT YOU ARE. It's the way to live; Jesus was right. - All posts on this page are by Owen!

For health, you should stop eating long before you are full. But if you want to eat for as long, and be healthier, simply CHEW YOUR FOOD PROPERLY, and secondly. eat in gratitude and thanksgiving as you are eating for each ingredient on the plate <3

I trust the Universe to help me perfectly, 100%, exactly how i need in the absolute most perfect way and time.

When someone is not a positive energy, are you a positive energy to them?

"Problematic" people do not become a problem unless we ourselves become a problem.

Non judgment, non attachment, non resistance; keys to a more enlightened life, truly. Remember these. <3

Be solution orientated but don't blame. Take full accountability and responsibility for your part in any issue without guilt, learn fast, and also encourage others to do the same. Do not take on more than is true or fair for what you are responsible for, nor be unfair to others. This is the balanced way of neither being too defensive, too passive, nor too hostile and accusatory. This is the wise way. This is the peaceful way. This is the smart way. Always treat others like how you would like to be treated. <3 ~ Owen ~

Day 3 of eating virtually all raw. Am going to keep this going. Will keep you in track. Feeling great overall. Thoughts are better, inspiration clearer and more frequent. Able to do better work and getting more work done also. More physical energy also. Had tired moment earlier which I think was detox and touchy emotions for about 2 hours. Also, this morning I woke up earliest in months. 6am. Needed less sleep. Had nap in afternoon tho. Overall, this is excellent. Everyone should try this at some point in life (those interested)....

Raw foods have these things that cooking destroys either fully or partially: Hormones, Living structured water, living in tact fiber that cleanses and sweeps and absorbs toxins, biophoton electromagnetic field, vitamins (60% + destroyed), ENZYMES and phytonutrients/ phytochemicals (plant medicine). That's 7 very important things, all destroyed fully except for vitamins. I'm not dogmatic about this tho; It's simply up to each person if they are interested, and what they want to get out of life, thus just how important is this to them.

If you want to be happier, LOVE more. If you want more inner peace, LOVE more... - Owen

Heart and happiness go hand in hand. What we judge in ourselves, we judge in another. What we love and accept about ourselves, we do the same for others. When we judge others, we lose our happiness, as we've lost our heart in that moment, and heart and happiness go hand in hand. - Owen <3

Crimes, war and violence only happen because people are deeply disconnected. They are simply not being loving enough, at all. Love is the answer, truly and simply to all problems. - Owen -

The blocks to love are fear, and not knowing/falsehood of belief and thought. - Owen -

There are simply NO RULES. Do whatever you want with love and consideration. LET LOOSE the TRUE YOU. Be FEARLESS. Let go of that. You don't have to do things in line with what was once done before. You can be TOTALLY creative and new in how you act or what you say or do or make. This is YOUR life, remember! YOURS. Yours to live, create and experience for yourself, and to share with others. Have fun and let go a little on being too restricted or serious. Love, light, peace, fun and blessings. ~Owen ~

In a relationship, make sure you give more compliments than criticisms. Listen deeper than talk longer. Make sure both people are getting their needs met on multiple levels, so both people are very happy, stable and fulfilled in their life. Keep things good from the beginning rather than trying to fix broken things later on. Look out for one another <3  ~ Owen ~ 

My biggest inspiration in life is to love more, live more, experience new things, visit new places, create brighter and more positive things, and enjoy life more. - Owen -

Food is a bit like exercise. You don't necessarily need a lot, unless you are exercising A LOT, but you just need to do it sensibly. Portion and quality over dogmatism. Organic, esp meats and dairy as they collect toxins. Don't overdo things. Often, less is more.

I'm a living lover. That's what I am and the only effort is to acknowledge and let go of the blocks, and to be humble enough to see these things in myself. - Owen

Beyond the hurt and the pain, beyond the illusions of false beliefs, beyond the confusions and unclarity, there is love.

What we judge and do not accept about ourselves, we then project onto others and judge, not accept and incriminate them. This leads to violence and war. Destruction and separation. Remedy? Heal our shadow, suppression, self incrimination. Non self acceptance and self judgment.

What's on my mind right now is that life is always good, no matter how "bad" it seems, and what's hugely important is also WHERE and HOW we put our focus-beam of attention. Peace, love and light to all. They are within us all beneath the hurt, confusion and suppression, and is who we truly are. ~ Owen

When we stop suppressing our emotions, and stop feeding negative thoughts towards someone or something, that's when we open the door to allow letting go, healing and unconditional love and acceptance <3 ~ Owen fox

Letting go brings freedom, love & light to us, and then allows us to share these with others whom we love, and all <3 How wonderful. ~ Owen fox

3D reality is where we're meant to be at the moment and where we've chosen to come. Respect it, embrace it, and create in it. You have much more power and freedom in this life than you think. Time-space offers a deeply rich experience to experience moment by moment, one little detail at a time. It affords graduality, unfolding, and a gradual realization of one's goals and life. I personally love life and 3D, and will also love other dimensions when I experience them too, which I'm pretty sure I do in my "dreams"!

Countless religions have slammed the idea of "mortal sins", "sins of the flesh", and made sexuality and materialism out to be bad things. They are not. What is negative is anything done in negativity, with negative energy. Destructive. Unconsciousness. If they are not being used destructively or negatively, they are not negative. Indeed, they can be absolutely positive and beautiful experiences to have.

Love life. Love this world. Understand it. Play in it. Have fun in it. Allow yourself to relax. Let yourself off the hook. Don't be too serious. Don't latch on to old ways that made no sense. This post, I have heard angels, and higher channeled loving beings of love and light deliver in their own words, and I am only passing on the message that 100% deeply resonates in my own words, to you. You are not a prisoner here. You are not in the wrong place. You are not being punished. This life is a gift that you have chosen. so enjoy it! With love, and best intentions,

~ Owen Fox​

People just simply don't seem to get that feeling bad emotionally and being absolutely lost from your true self IS PUNISHMENT ENOUGH. It's LOSING! It's bad enough to have that. So feeling anger against anyone is MY total loss. Holding on and hanging on to bad feeling is my swiping myself off from my true happy, free hearty self. It's a scuppering my own boat. It's a swindling myself out of my own riches!!!

I feel compassion for beings who are unconscious, asleep, lost, broken... in the moment or in life, from their truth and love and elevation of spirit. I don't especially feel so terrible for the victims of their crimes, per se, because usually it's only when THOSE people decide/choose/allow/can't help but lose connection with their love, freedom, peace, joy that they then lose. Someone could get robbed, burgled, punched, etc, and worse things, stay aligned, or find alignment soon after, and be the happiest person alive, and live in peace, freedom, equanimity, joy, happiness, laughter, cosiness, friendship, warmth, inspiration, elevation etc...

Bottom line: It's never about what happens primarily, it's primary about how you are. Who you are. Simple. So quit the blaming and criticisms, and get back to being you again, and then you are free. don't feel not-sorry/not compassion for the perpetrators, and only the "victims". Both are victims. The first of unconsciousness, the second of a deed done from someone lost and suffering immensely. The second person doesn't have to become lost and sign away all their power of peace and freedom to the first just because something they didn't prefer to happen, happened.
~ Owen fox

I AM!! :D "Owen, you look shining, radiant, peaceful, happy, and super healthy!! :)"

"You never cease to amaze me Owen!! Keep it going!! :D" That's because im AWESOME! Just like YOU and ALL of us! <3