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Orgonite ROCKS! Get it! Check out this page, it helps to neutralize toxins and heavy, dense energy or negative emotions in our body! Protects our home, and auras from negative energy or sick home disease, as well as EMF pollution from cell/mobile phone towers, microwaves (hopefully you don't have one of them! :P), internet, wireless and general phone or radio wave emissions.

They INCREASE the ability to heal, energize water including our own bodies, nurture greater plant, fruit and vegetation growth, help normalize weather, droughts and other negative energy conditions, and help our bodies to heal, as well as our MIND AND EMOTIONS. People often report not arguing as much or any more, a greater sense of peace in the home, and on your person, and a more happier state of well being. YOU REALLY WONDERING WHY I HAVE THIS LINK ON MY PAGE?! hahaha :D Cause it ROCKS, like I said in the beginning!

I could yap about and talk about orgone/orgonite forever, but please just look at the links/pictures instead to find out much more. You'll be delighted I have turned you onto this natural, natural chi/prana/lifeforce/energy giving device, and beautiful ornaments or personal beautiful things like pendants. I wear one, and have much of this around my home, and have given the small pieces to my family to put around and protect and uplift their home, and health. I recommend buying a fair few of these cheap smaller pieces called TBs (tower busters), (these will energize your water by putting it next to either your mains, or your filter unit/jug!), and something for your own personal carrying, like a pretty pendant that has beautiful crystals in it too.

PEACE, love and blessings, dear friend!


Owen :) <3 

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